ExperienceWithdraw 1.5

Withdraw your experience and put it into an exp bottle! (Similar to ServerNameIShouldn'tBeUsing)

  1. DogeGamingPRO
    NOTE: The next version will be version 2.0 which will include a lot of major updates including a highly requested config file to change the messages, item names and lores. Please give me time to work on it. Thanks
    ExperienceWithdraw is a plugin where users can withdraw their exp and put it into an Xp Bottle, and throw it down to add it back(similar to ThatServerNameIShouldn'tBeUsingForObviousReasons).
    • /xpwithdraw <amount> - Withdraws the amount of xp specified by user.(<amount> is in experience points, not experience levels)
    • /xpamount - Tells you how much experience points you have.
    • /xpamount - Tells you how much experience points the specified user has.(Defaults to OPs)
    • experiencewithdraw.withdraw(Defaults to everyone in v1.2)
    • experiencewithdraw.amount(Defaults to everyone in v1.2)
    • experiencewithdraw.amount.others(Defaults to OPs)
    To Do List
    • Add a config file to toggle aliases for /xpwithdraw
    • Add a lore on withdrawn xp bottles to specify the player who withdrew it. *Done!(v1.1)
    • Make in-game stuff prettier.
    • Fix an error where when you do /xpwithdraw without any arguments it gives an error.
    • Implement a command that tells you how much experience points you have. *Done!(v1.2)
    • Make /xpwithdraw and /xpamount default to all users and /xpamount [username] default to OPs. *Done!(v1.2)
    • Fix fatal "Unlimited XP" Bug*Done!(v1.4)
    • Add config to edit the custom names and lores for the bottles.
    Known Bugs
    • Normal Experience Bottles doesn't work.
    NOTE: ExperienceWithdraw V1.1 and above uses PluginMetrics to further track plugin's downloads/usages, if you want to opt out, simply toggle it in the PluginMetrics config file in the PluginMetrics folder