Exploding Projectiles 0.5 Working Beta

Adds exploding projectiles into Minecraft!

  1. cowslaw
    [NEW] Exploding Projectiles!
    For Minecraft 1.8
    Exploding Projectiles is a plugin that allows you to add explosive projectiles (so far arrows and eggs) into the game! Read below for more information!

    explodingprojectiles.eggs (Permission for exploding eggs)
    explodingprojectiles.arrows (Permission for exploding arrows)
    explodingprojectiles.power (Permission for changing explosion power)

    /ep or /explodingprojectiles (Main Command)
    /ep egg (Enable/Disable Exploding Eggs)
    /ep arrow (Enable/Disable Exploding Arrows)
    /ep size <amount> (Change Explosion Size) [TNT is 4]

    Usage is simple. First the player must have permission or must be OP. Next, acquire some arrows or eggs. Next do /ep egg or /ep arrow. If you would like to change the size of the explosion, do /ep size <amount>. Now just fire away!

    This plugin can be abused, so be weary as to who you give permissions to. The commands set the server-wide condition to players who are OP or have the specific permissions.
    The default explosion size is 0; which does no damage to the environment or to players.

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