ExplodingChicken 1.1

Makes chickens just that bit more volatile.

  1. Eelviny
    What is ExplodingChicken? You may ask. Well, I'll tell you.
    Over on my JustGame servers, I decided one day that I really needed a little "easter egg" to surprise players with. So I invented a way of detonating chickens, then one of my devs made it a reality :p
    The plugin will cause block damage, but should respect other plugins should they wish to cancel the block damage etc. The explosion originates from the player who caused it, so land claim plugins like GriefPrevention will play nicely.

    Hit a chicken while holding a flint & steel. There's a 5% chance the chicken will blow up in your face. That is all.

    Challenge your players to find it! I'm sure they will have fun. The prize? A rather surprising death.