Explosion Manager 1.0.1

Cancel explosion events, change specific explosion radius and enable/disable fire on explode

  1. jslightham
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Explosion Manager
    About Explosion Manager

    Explosion manager provides an easy way to manage the effects of explosions. Specifically control for each type of explosion, a great plugin for server administrators. Enable fire on explosions, change radius, or cancel the explosion event. All controlled simply through one configuration file.
    What Can It Do?
    • Enable/disable fire on exploding
    • Enable/disable explosions
    • Change the radius of explosions
    This plugin currently has no commands, all control is through the configuration file.


    # Fire on tnt explode (true/false)
    tntFire: 'true'

    # Radius of tnt explosion (integer value)
    tntRadius: 2

    # Cancel TNT explosion events (true/false)
    tntCancelled: 'false'

    # Fire on creeper explode (true/false)
    creeperFire: 'false'

    # Radius of creeper explosion (integer value)
    creeperRadius: 4

    # Cancel creeper explosion events (true/false)
    creeperCancelled: 'false'

    # Fire on large fireball explode (true/false)
    fireballFire: 'false'

    # Radius of large fireball explosion (integer value)
    fireballRadius: 4

    # Cancel large fireball explosion events (true/false)
    fireballCancelled: 'false'

    # Fire on other explode (true/false)
    otherFire: 'false'

    # Radius of other explosion (integer value)
    otherRadius: 4

    # Cancel other explosion events (true/false)
    otherCancelled: 'false'

    • Add commands
    • Add more explosion types
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    Please do not discuss bugs in the comments section, instead bring them up on the discord: https://discord.gg/w7G8cRU
    NOTE: If on update to a new version, errors are thrown, please ensure to update the configuration file, with the one on this page before consulting for help. Thanks!

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