ExplosionCreator 1.7

Controllable, customizable, and usable explosions.

  1. MrDeveloperK
    ExplosionCreator - Explosions at its most!

    Sometimes creating explosions are difficult. TNT works, but TNT also isn't as customizable as can be. In addition, sometimes explosions don't have enough pizazz. That spicy stuff you find on spicy stuff. The boom boom.

    • Blow up areas just like TNT with commands
    • Blow up an area at random, setting the max radius
    • Bind explosions to tools
    • Explode players.
    • Explode locations.
    • Explosive arrows when binding to bows
    • Configurable maximum and minimum radii
    • Lightning, Fireworks, Sounds during explosions
    • Cancelable and Repairable Explosions
    • Plugin and Server configurations

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    TODO List:
    1. Add more configurable options
    2. Fix any bugs