Explosive Pigs 1.0

Have your piggies every made your so mad, you just wanted to blow 'em up?

  1. MarinD99

    Have your piggies ever made you so mad, you just wanted to blow 'em up? Ever wanted to show 'em who's boss? Well then, my friend, here's your chance! With this silly plugin, you'll be able to do so with ease!
    All jokes aside, this plugin provides a simple, yet comical feature, of blowing up pigs upon their death, which can easily be adjusted for the user's enjoyment.

    The mechanics of the plugin are simple. Upon a death of a pig, an explosion shall ocurr. After five seconds, a pig will respawn once more, at the given location. All of the listed features can be modified for the user's amusement, from explosion size, to respawn delay.

    The installation process is simple; once you download the plugin, just drag and drop it into your plugins folder, and execute the reload. Upon doing so, a config will appear. After you're done with that, you've got yourself the plugin successfully installed :)

    Note: This plugin is made for entertainment purposes only. I would kindly request no hate based comments.

Recent Reviews

  1. CubyMaster
    Version: 1.0
    jaja very good ! spigot 1.8.8