Explosive Snowballs 1.0

Snowballs which explode when you throw them.

  1. LordRevorius
    I made this today to test my skills after one day of learning Java.

Recent Reviews

  1. SuperTruperHans
    Version: 1.0
    it's a great plugin, i have use this for building a underground tunnel.
    really cool. can you implement a countdown an a option in a config for no damage and only particle?
    1. LordRevorius
      Author's Response
      I might actually think about doing this, good idea!
  2. sketaful
    Version: 1.0
    Just for giving you a boost to continue with java ;)
    And it's quite fun plugin as well, making some war on friends...
    1. LordRevorius
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, it's appreciated.
      I'm currently making some basic commands.
      Current commands:
      -/god (Gods the current item in your hand)
      -/setname (Set your custom username)
      -/getname (Get your custom username)
      -/delname (Remove your custom username)