ExplosiveElytras 0.10.1

High velocity impacts with elytras cause explosions!

  1. Release 0.10.1 - Added Support for 1.13

    Release 0.10.1

    This update corrects plugin behavior on minecraft 1.13. Ironically, Spigot's compatibility layer is what broke it. The compatibility layer is disabled as of this update.

    • 4806d65 Disabled Spigot's compatibility layer for 1.13 support.
  2. Release 0.10.0 - API Updates + Config Changes

    Release 0.10.0

    This release introduces incompatible API changes. Everything has been made more comprehensive. In preparation for the 1.13 changes, the required items list now uses the spigot material type.

    API Changes:
    • Removed the concept of final damage from the ExplosiveImpactEvent in favor of storing a snapshot of the impact damage only. The explosion damage and impact damage can be modified in a subsequent event which is thrown. The sum of these two damage...
  3. Release 0.9.2 - Updated Repo + Optimizations

    Release 0.9.2

    • Replaced all references from Bitbucket to Github.
    • A few minor optimizations.
  4. API fixes and clarifications.

    Release 0.9.1

    This release is focused on fixing bugs and modifying the API in preparation for the next major release. Changelog:
    • Deprecated ExplosiveImpactEvent#getImpactDamage() and ExplosiveImpactEvent#setImpactDamage(double) in favor of ExplosiveImpactEvent#getFinalDamage() and ExplosiveImpactEvent#setFinalDamage(double)
    • Fixed an issue where explosion properties modified by the API would not persist in the game.
  5. Update your configs! More options added.

    Release 0.9.0
    • Added explosion_settings configuration category.
    • Added option to consume elytra on explosion.
    • Added option to disable/enable explosion block break.
    • Added option to disable/enable explosion fire.
    • Moved fireworks option to explosion_settings category.
    • Minor bugfixes and optimizations.
  6. Release 0.8.0 - Initial API support

    Release 0.8.0
    • Added initial support for a Developer API. This is currently comprised of an event thrown when an explosive collision is triggered. This API is currently in its infancy and is subject to further changes and additions. If you have any suggestions, please tell us.
    • Added ExplosiveElytras to JFrog Bintray, giving developers access to the project via Maven or...
  7. Release 0.7.1

    • Fixes fatal crashes when WorldGuard is not present.
    • Internal fix to ensure the custom death message is always displayed.
    This would have been released earlier, however I was on vacation for 2 weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  8. Updated WorldGuard Integration

    Updated Worldguard Integration:
    • You will no longer blow up in regions where you do not have build permission.
    • You can bypass this using the permission explosiveelytras.bypass.worldguard.
    Changed API version to Spigot 1.12-R0.1-SNAPSHOT