External Librarian - Legacy 0.4.2

Loading External Libraries with ease

  1. Anonixis
    Cant compile and publish your plugin with 3rd party libraries? Want to fix that? Well this plugin lets you simple load your dependencies into your server so your depending plugins can use them!

    If your plugin requires a external library, just drag and drop it in 'plugins/ExternalLibrarian/Libraries' and it will load all classes within initialization of your server!

    Notice: I am not responsible for any damages done to the server, damages will only occur if you try to fiddle with this plugin too much due to loading classes into the classloader in runtime can be a sensitive task!

    Libraries Recommending this Plugin:
    • NMSulator: Link
    • EnhancedHitSounds: Link
    Upcoming Features:
    • Config containing values on either to load a library or ignore it
    • Ingame information for loaded libraries
    • Requirement system for plugins
    • Smarter Loader - Load classes in other external libraries that one needs
    • (Optional) Automatic downloading of plugin dependencies
    The plugin is Open source! Click Me!

    Report Bugs here! Click Me!

    Tested with:
    • Netty -> Working
    • MongoDB -> Working
    • NMSulator -> Working

Recent Updates

  1. 0.4.2 Release
  2. 0.4.1 Release
  3. 0.4 Release