Extra Hard Mode 3.14.0

Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

  1. 3.14.0

    Version 3.14 is probably the biggest behind-the-scenes refactor yet, as Bukkit 1.14 has really been aggressive about Material IDs which this project unfortunately relied upon a lot; A custom class which heavily relied on block IDs was used over 100 times throughout the project! Every single instance had to be refactored away, as well as the various custom classes that relied on this custom class.

    • #179 Config to cause campfires to be extinguished by rain just like torches. Defaults to off.
    • 1.14 compatible
    • #181 Updated missing farm Materials
    • #186 Plugin not functioning on first load
    • #187 Added NETHER_BRICKS enum to natural spawn blocks for the nether
    For changes made behind-the-scenes, see the changelog for 3.14.0-beta.
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