Extra Hard Mode 3.14.0

Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

  1. 3.13.0

    Finally, EHM has been updated to 1.13. Thank you SlimeDog for rigorously testing, and patrons and reviewers for the extra motivation. c: As such, this version is only compatible with 1.13 server versions. Please take note of the bold parts of the changelog.

    1.13-specific updates
    • RealisticChopping (Falling Logs) has been removed. This feature can be found in GraviTree. It includes a config option to allow falling logs to damage players (as it did in EHM), and potentially does a better job detecting trees than EHM does since it's newer.
    • Uses 1.13 blockdata to set zombie skull rotation
    • Default config for 1.13 falling blocks updated to new materials (you may want to delete or update parts of the config that use material names!)
    • Many other various 1.13 updates to farming crop loss, water evaporation, torch placement, biome enums, etc. https://github.com/MLG-Fortress/ExtraHardMode/projects/2
    Other fixes and changes
    • Removed the damage config option for additional falling blocks.
      • This feature was the cause of players erraneously receiving damage when they weren't actually hit by a falling block (i.e. standing on top of a block that softened into cobble caused players to receive this damage).
      • This feature was already covered by Player.Enhanced Environmental Injuries.Suffocation (and was often confused with this feature in bug reports of the above).
      • Confusion potion with hardcoded attributes was always applied and non-configurable, whereas the Suffocation section allows you to specify a potion and its attributes.
    • Removed mcstats since it seems that website is basically dead.
    • New debug mode config for debugging the AntiGrinder feature.
    • Set enderdragon attack phase on spawn in an attempt to fix the enderdragon being "stuck" and doing nothing on respawn.
    • Don't place skulls if no air block can be found (prevents skulls from replacing passable blocks like ladders).
    • Account for plugins that fire bukkit events with invalid parameters like null for player.
    • Finally fix beetroot crop loss never occurring.
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