Extra Hard Mode 3.14.0

Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

  1. 3.13.2

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    Bug squashing.
    • Fix incorrect casting of snow layers
    • Prevent endermen from teleporting players into the void
    • Correct incorrect conversion of grass to grass_block
      • This caused hostile mobs to not spawn on grass blocks
    • Unmark claustrophobic animals when they no longer feel claustrophobic
      • This caused animals that experienced claustrophobia to not drop anything when slayed
    • Don't perform enderdragon fight cleanup in worlds where EHM isn't enabled
    • Don't allow torches to be placed on grass (not the block variant which is already covered, the "tall grass" type variant. Mojang has poor naming.)
    • Evaporate waterlogged blocks
    • Fix evaporation of water placed by dispensers
    • Fix use of wrong config option for calculating tool damage on death
    • Extend interval between each torch cleanup/crop death task (from about 3 tasks per tick to 1 task every 2 ticks)
    • Attempt to bypass protection plugins when animals get claustrophobic
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