Extra Hard Mode 3.12

Deliver interesting new challenges for advanced players

  1. 3.12

    A couple fixes, and a bit more configurable features. Yay updates.
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  2. 3.11

    One day I said "hey let's fix some bugs"
  3. 3.10

    Some fixes and a new config option
  4. 3.8.9

    This better fix that sql thing
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  5. 3.8.8

    Some stuff that isn't all too critical but yea just click download to read the update notes.
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  6. 3.8.6

    Changelog in download link cuz lazy to translate to bbcode
  7. 3.8.5

    • A player's speed won't be set if there's no need to do so. This provides (limited) compatibility with other plugins that set a player's speed directly (player.setWalkSpeed) instead of via potion effects. (As such, the repeating task that sets player speed is now split into a task for each player, instead of one task that checks all players.)

    • Damage modifier event handler priority has been changed from MONITOR to HIGHEST. This is also to provide compatibility with other plugins...
  8. 3.8.4

  9. 3.8.3

    • Fix a casting check (due to me assuming entity is already an Animal when the isEntityAnimal method is used)
    • Set default Textcolor in messages.yml. (Previously set to NONE resulting in scoreboard messages not using colors.) Will not change existing messages.yml.
    • Fix notification messages not appearing in chat if scoreboard messages are disabled.
  10. 3.8.2

    Minor fixes, detailed on download page.