ExtraCommands 5.3


  1. pina
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Languages Supported:
    ExtraCommands, It is a new plugin that will add new functions to improve your server, Almost every day the plugin is updated with new functions

    Code (Text):

    # PlaceHolders: %player%
    # No external plugin needed
    # Reload command is not implemented
    Join: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &e%player% Ha Entrado Al servidor'
    Leave: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &e%player% Ha Salido del servidor'
    Fly-activedp: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eModo de vuelo &aactivado &ea %player-target%'
    Fly-actived: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &e%player% Te ha activado el modo de vuelo'
    Fly-desactived: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &e%player% Te ha desactivado el modo de vuelo%'
    Fly-desactivedp: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eModo de vuelo &cdesactivado &ea %player-target%'
    Heal-specific: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eEspecifica un jugador'
    Heal-player-offline: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] No se ha encontrado al jugador: %player%'
    Heal-sender: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eHas curado a &a&l %player%'
    Heal-recibed: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eHas sido curado por &a&l %player%'
    Broadcast: '&eBroadcast: &6'
    Bc-Err: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &cNo has puesto nada %player%'
    No-perms: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &cNo tienes suficientes permisos'
    Reload: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eEl plugin ha sido &lRecargado'
    Sun: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &6Tiempo cambiado a: &e&lDespejado'
    Storm: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &6Tiempo cambiado a: &5&lTormenta'
    Rain: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &6Tiempo cambiado a: &b&lLluvia'
    Day: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &6Hora Cambiada a: &e&lDia'
    Night: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &6Hora Cambiada a: &5&lNoche'
    Set-spawn-successfully: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eEl spawn se ha guardado correctamente'
    Spawn-Command: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &eTeletransportandote al spawn!'
    No-Spawn: '&7[&aExtraCommands&7] &cNo se ha definido un spawn'
    - '&7&l&m-------------------'
    - '&bBienvenido al servidor'
    - '&bDiviertete &e%player%'
    - '&7&l&m-------------------'
      Check-for-Updates: true
      Join-Message: true
      Leave-Message: true
      Private-Join-Message: true


    - /fly - extracommands.fly
    - /extrareload - extracommands.reload
    - /heal - extracommands.heal
    - /bc - extracommands.broadcast
    - /broadcast - extracommands.broadcast
    - /sun - extracommands.time.sun
    - /rain - extracommands.time.rain
    - /storm - extracommands.time.storm
    - /setspawn - extracommands.setspawn
    - /spawn - No perm
    - /day - extracommands.hour.day
    - /night - extracommands.hour.night

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