ExtraLobby 2.4.2

ExtraLobby is very good plugin for Lobby!

  1. Medium Update!

    - Added new custom PlaceHolder {Gamemode}

    - Added Global permission {extralobby.*}

    - The possibility of writing in color on plates has been added

    - Fixed ServerSelector (not open)

    - Fixed System AntyVoid (not working)

    - Fixed Tab Prefix (strange characters)

    - Fixed Mob Respawn Function!

  2. Small Update!

    - Added prefix on tab (config.yml)

    - Added message on join (Title, Subtitle)

    - Fixed system AntyVoid

    - Added mobs respawn function (config.yml)

    - Added some features to config.yml

    - Optimized and Organized code of plugin!:eek:
  3. New Update! 2.3

    - Added world Border more in config.yml!

    - Added system AntyVoid!

    - Added lore of item HidePlayer more in config.yml!

    - Added firework on join.

    - Added Title message on join.

    - Fixed error on version 1.15.2

    - Optimize Code!
  4. Update! 2.2

    - Fixed bug in serverselector!

    - Fixed commands "/v, /gm, /list"

    - Added in config.yml new Features

    - Added UpdaterVersion!

    - Added a "lobby" command that will teleport the player to a preset location using the / setlobby command!

    - Fixed Bugs

    Delete the file: config.yml selector.yml for the plugin to work properly!
  5. Fixed Update! 2.1

    - Fixed problem with serverselector on version 1.10.x - 1.16.x.

    - Fixed PadJump on version 1.9.x - 1.16.x

    - Added API

    - Fixed bug on startup

    - Fixed problem with messages!

    - Few other bugs fixed

    - Optimize Code
  6. Very Big Update! 2.0

    - Added new config (selector.yml)

    - Added new Features in config.yml

    - Added new system on tablist

    - Added ScoreBoard!:eek:

    - Added new system with join message!

    - Added Anti-theft system

    - Added Support for versions 1.8.x - 1.16.x :cool:

    - Fixed some bugs!

    - Optimize Code!
  7. Update! 1.8.8

    - Fatal config error fixed!:eek:

    - Added PadJump more in config

    - Added the ability to disable teleportation to spawn after joining

    - Added mob-disable in config. This option is in version Alpha

    - Small bugs fixed
  8. Update 1.8.8!

    - Added command "setlobby"! On Join TP to spawn

    - Added cleaning of the inventory after entering the server more in config!

    - Added broadcast: "title", "chat"!

    - Fixed Bugs!

    - Code optimization
  9. Update 1.8.7!

    - Added support for placeholders in tablist!:cool:

    - The ability to add a command to be executed in the selector has been added

    - New Config.yml (y)

    - Code optimized(y)

    Fixed minor bugs
  10. Big Update! 1.8.6 Experimental

    - Added Tablist with 1 placeholder %Player% {Alpha} :coffee:

    - Added command "elreload" for reload config.yml:alien:

    - Added new system config.yml

    - Added Hide/Show Players item (configuration can be found in config.)o_O

    - Added automessages (configuration can be found in config.);)

    - Added new config.yml (delete the old config so that everything works fine)

    - Bugs fixed:sleep: