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Add Custom Nameplates | Little to no Server side impact | Any Placeholders

  1. Nysxl
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    PLEASE inform me of any bugs you come across as id like to fix them as quickly as possible

    Screenshot (19).jpg Screenshot (21).jpg

    Screenshot (17).jpg

    Using the Config you can add as many groups as you'd like, your not limited to 2 groups to apply the group to a player, give the permission ExtraNamePlates.<groupName> e.g ExtraNamePlates.admin / ExtraNamePlates.member

    as this plugin was finished late at night and im tired, i haven't done any bug testing however i thought id get it out to see if this is a plugin people want before i put too much time into it

    please dm me on spigot or on my discord Nysxl#6056 if you need any help or come across any bugs, ill try fix them as quickly as possible

    some extra information about the plugin
    only having 1 item under nameplates and calling it n/a will remove the players nameplate all together if you for some reason want that

    to get this effect ive used a combination of slimes armorstand and baby turtles, through sending packets to the player that the entities are riding the player, in saying that there are never any entities actually added to the server as they are just packets so this wont cause any lag to your server

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  1. KryptonBedrock
    Version: 1
    Excellent plugin mate! Super easy to use and it's very useful keep on doing great work!