Extreme Troll 1.3

ExtremeTroll offers many commands to troll you're friends!

  1. DireLegendDev
    Extreme Troll


    Extreme Troll is an awesome plugin offering many commands to troll you're friends with! This is a plugin I coded a while back, but finally got around to uploading! Enjoy!

    /Explode: Creates an explosion where you are looking
    /FakeExplode: Creates an explosion noise & particle effect but no explosion
    /FakeJoin: Tells the server the specified player joined the server
    /FakeLeave: Tells the server the specified player left the server
    /FakeOp: Sends the specified player a message saying they are op
    /FakeDeop: Sends the player a message saying they are de-opped
    /Lightning: Strikes lightning where you are looking
    /FakeBan: Kicks the player telling them they are banned
    /Poison: Gives the specified player poison
    /Drop: Teleports the specified player up 200 blocks
    /Trolled: Tells the server they just got trolled by <Your IGN>
    /TrollAchievement: Broadcasts a message saying a specified player just got the achievement "Trolled"

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Recent Reviews

  1. TheCreeper
    Version: 1.0
    It is so funny but maybe add higher explosion effects
  2. MrVizzyTM
    Version: 1.0
    1. DireLegendDev
      Author's Response
      Glad you enjoy!