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ExtremeChatManager 1.2

2nd Generation of ChatMe!

  1. DaddyBat
    ~ Control the Global Chat!

    ExtremeChatManager is a Bukkit-Plugin that allows Player with permission to control over the chat. Really simple to use , and also helpful. This is a supportive plugin for servers. I made other plugin for Server , but this one is general which means anyone can use it.


    1 . Download ExtremeChatManager.jar
    2 . Put and drag ExtremeChatManager into your "plugins" file.
    3 . Restart the server.
    4 . Enjoy

    Supports :
    1 . Configuration File , Use config to change the chat.
    2 . Easy to use , Just put the command and boom you get it.
    3 . Supports broadcast message for Admin.

    Commands and Permissions :

    1 . /clearchat && extremechatmanager.clear
    2. /halt && extremechatmanager.halt
    3. /broadcast <message> && extremechatmanager.broadcast.message
    4. [All Commands] && extremechatmanager.*

    1 . ExtremeChatManager v1.0 = Release of the plugin
    2. ExtremeChatManager v1.2 = Lot of bug fixes
    ~ More Update Very Soon! ~

    If there is anything you guys need , Be sure to tell me anytime!

    Website support for Donation and Ticket:


Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes
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Recent Reviews

  1. JosephGP
    Version: 2015-05-10
    nice chat Manager ;)
    1. DaddyBat
      Author's Response
      Wow Thanks for the review.
  2. Gomze
    Version: 2015-05-10
    Hey. Nice Plugin. Please add me on Skype: xxzockerfloxx or write a PN with your Skype Name...Account: ZockerFlo
    1. DaddyBat
      Author's Response
      Thanks Gomze for the review!