eZ Tokens | Fun Credits System for KitPvP Servers! 0.9

Easy-to-use UUID based credits system for KitPvP servers.

  1. GeeGeeTom

    1. Open the .zip folder you obtain from the download
    2. Drag "eZTokens.jar" to your server's plugins folder
    3. (Optional) Drag "tokensonkill.jar" to your server's plugin folder
    4. Load the plugins (Through a plugin manager like plugman, a server reload, or a server restart)
    5. Edit the configurations to your liking
    6. Reload the config for eZTokens by typing /tokens reload
    7. Reload the config for Tokens-on-kill by typing /tokensonkill reload


    /tokensonkill reload
    Reloads TokensOnKill plugin config

    Main Tokens plugin command | Used to see custom help message set in config

    /tokens [check | give | take | set | buy | send]
    Subcommands for /tokens explained below

    /tokens give <player> <amount>

    GIVES player certain amount of tokens. Does NOT use your tokens balance; this will generate tokens to the economy.

    /tokens take <player> <amount>
    Removes X tokens from player's balance. Balance will not go negative, but if the player has insufficient tokens, will not charge.

    /tokens set <player> <amount>
    Sets player's token balance

    /tokens buy <player> <amount> <command string>
    Will charge player a certain amount of tokens for console to run a certain command. "What is this used for?" See FAQ.

    /tokens send <player> <amount>

    SENDS player certain amount of tokens. DOES use tokens balance; you will give X of your tokens to Player.

    /tokens check [player]
    Checks how many tokens player has. (Player argument is optional)


    /tokensonkill reload

    tokens.help | They do not need this permission for the other commands

    /tokens give

    /tokens take

    /tokens set

    /tokens buy

    /tokens send


    Q: What is /tokens buy supposed to do??
    A: See next question

    Q: How do I set up a token shop?
    A: Use an external plugin like Chest Commands GUI or Command Signs, or even command blocks, to make console run /tokens buy on the player for commands.

    Q: How do I choose the player in the /tokens buy command?
    A: In the <command string> parameter, you can type %player% to copy the <player> parameter. Use this if you are using command blocks to ensure it charges the same player it runs the command on.​
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