EzAnnouncements - Lightweight and Easy! 1.0

The easiest announcement plugin you will find!

  1. DarkbyteAT
    Looking for a simple announcements plugin that's powerful yet lightweight? You've come to the right place! EzAnnouncements has all the features you could want!

    EzAnnouncements has:
    • In-Game configuration management!
    • Seamless programming with a robust framework that won't break!
    • A simple configuration that takes seconds to set up!
    • An active developer who's willing to help!
    • 'ezannouncements.reload' - Allows you to reload the plugin.
    • 'ezannouncements.setprefix' - Allows you to set the prefix displayed before messages.
    Code (Text):
    #Version 1.0

    #Prefix to be put before messages
    prefix: '&7[&6EzAnnouncements&7] &3'

    #Delay in seconds before each message is broadcasted
    delay: 60

    #Messages to be shown to players
        - 'Test announcement!'
        - 'Change this!'
        - 'Made by Darkbyte / Ammar Tarajia!'
    Skype for further inquiries / support: ammartehbest