EzChatFilter✎ 1.0

Controlling the chat has never been this easy...

  1. Fex28
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Tired of players spamming swearwords in chat?
    You would like to stop them but without muting?
    Then this is for you!

    EzChatFilter is essentially a very easy-to-use plugin, just simply
    drag and drop it into your plugins folder and you're good to go.
    Next step is to add the words that you'd like to block.
    In the config you'll see those categories:
    - Words
    - Warnings
    - Replace
    - MaxWarnings

    Warnings are the warnings that a player gets whenever he types a
    "bad" word, if the warnings get over the MaxWarnings(Which is an Integer) then the player will be set on fire for 1 sec, and damaged a bit.
    Replace is the string that will replace the "bad" word.
    MaxWarnings as said before is an Integer, if a player's warnings are over that number, they will be punished and then the warnings will be reset to 0.
    /ChatFilter - Main command (Alias: "Cf")
    /ChatFilter add/remove - add/remove a word to/from the chat filter - permission: ChatFilter.add - ChatFilter.remove
    /ChatFilter list - list of the words in the chat filter - permission: ChatFilter.list
    /ChatFilter warns <Player> - Get yours/a player's warnings - permission: ChatFilter.warns

    At the moment none, but if something happens be sure NOT to report it in the ratings section, but in the forums discussion. Thanks.


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