EzHardcore 1.4.1

A hardcore skript that presents options, and optional hardcore

  1. ArcticRaven
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
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    EzHardcore is an easy way to add Optional hardcore to your survival server. Using a confirmation system, your regular players will be safe from accidentally setting themselves in hardcore mode. It also contains the ability to set players into hardcore from the start, and also contains the ability to exit hardcore as well (if given the permission).

    See below for a demonstration!

    hardcore.quit - allows players to exit hardcore mode if given this permission

    /hardcore true - initiates the process to start hardcore mode for the player
    /hardcore confirm - must be sent within 30 seconds of /hardcore true to enable hardcore mode

    /hardcore quit - removes the player from hardcore if they have the permission "hardcore.quit"

    @DeathSystem - used to set they style of punishment for the dead players
    "spectate" - allows your dead players to watch the server from spectator mode.
    "tempban" - temporarily bans your dead players for the configurable amount of time
    "ban" - permanently removes players on death

    @BanIncrement - Sets the increment for the "tempban" DeathSystem. Can be years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds
    @BanTime - Sets the numerical value for the @BanIncrement

    @DefaultHardcore - sets players into hardcore by default. sets either "true" or "false"

    For Support, feel free to message me here on spigot or on Discord at •••|Arctic|•••#6867

    Reviews and Comments are accepted!

    Need custom skripts? Shoot me a dm!

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