eZProtector 4.2.4

A must-have plugin for securing your server with amazing customization.

  1. eZProtector 4.2.4

    A wild eZProtector update appeared!
    This version is just a quick update to fix an issue where the player names in admin notifications were incorrect. It should be the final release in this super rapid cycle, since I took the time to test all the features today (don't worry, I'm still going to add new features, there just aren't going to be that many updates in such a short amount of time!)

    In the ~20 days I've been the maintainer of this plugin, I've focused on fixing all the issues...​
  2. eZProtector 4.2.3

    I know, I know, updates are somewhat annoying, and there have already been a lot in the span of a few days, and I'm very sorry for that. This is a hotifx update that disables the SmartMoving block functionality (even if you set it to true) to prevent the issue y'all reported from happening. In the end I'd like to fix it completely, but it's not going to be easy.​
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  3. eZProtector 4.2.2

    Hi there! This is not a very big update, but it fixes some minor issues present in the previous versions of the plugin :)
    • Command whitelist for the "hidden syntaxes" feature. Update your config like this to make use of it:
    Code (Text):
      blocked: true
      error-message: '%prefix% &cThat syntax is forbidden.'
      - whitelisted:commands
      - go:here
        enabled: false
        message: '%prefix% %player% tried to do a...
  4. eZProtector 4.2.1

    This is a hotfix release to fix a major issue with the plugin. If you've downloaded eZProtector 4.2, it's advised to update.
    • Advanced metrics (sends data that tells me which features are the most enabled)
    • A major issue where the config would not be generated for some users
    As always, those kind of issues are fixed because you report them! Be sure to join us on Discord to get...
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  5. eZProtector 4.2(.0)

    Read this update message carefully, so you don't miss anything!

    Well, here it is! The long-awaited update for eZProtector :unsure:.
    Here's a list of changes:
    • A fake /version command (you'll need to reset your config to get the new option, so save your old one and reset the config to get it!)
    • Full implementation of ProtocolLib (I won't have to update the plugin every time a new version is released!)
    • bStats Metrics (they are opt-out, don't worry...
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  6. We now have a Discord support channel!

    Hey again!
    If you're getting annoyed by these status updates, I promise this will be the last one.
    If you want to be up to date on plugin progress, suggest ideas or just get support, eZProtector now has a Discord support channel! You can check it out here: https://discord.gg/UGhVcBB. These status updates will be given there, and from now on only plugin updates will be pushed on Spigot :)

    <3 DoNotSpamPls
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  7. Just a quick little update

    Hi there!

    I am @DoNotSpamPls, and I'm currently the new maintainer of eZProtector. I'm working on a relatively large rework of the plugin code, so you won't recieve the daunted "This server is not compatible with eZProtector" message!

    In the meantime, I'd love if you can help me out a bit by filling out this strawpoll: https://www.strawpoll.me/15622307. It will be a lot of help to me, so I can see which feature(s) are the most used! Also, if you have any...
  8. 1.12 Fix

    Fixes the plugin not loading up in 1.12
  9. 1.12 Compatibility and Changes

    • Removed Compatibility For:
      • Any 1.7 version
      • Anything below 1.8.8 (latest 1.8 Spigot)
      • Anything below 1.9.4 (latest 1.9 Spigot)
      • Anything below 1.10.2 (latest 1.10 Spigot)
      • Anything below 1.11.2 (latest 1.11.2 Spigot)
    • Added Compatibility For:
      • 1.12 (latest 1.12 Spigot)
      • Latest ProtocolLib
    • Removed:
      • Metrics (due to MCStats being rip. Will move to bStats when it's next online)
    • Changes:
      • Few changes to code...
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  10. Last update from dvargas135

    Hopefully this will be the last update from me. It just fixes the notify when doing /plugins or /pl. I found someone that will take this project over and he will keep the plugin alive and might add more features. @smmmadden thanks for explaining me that, I was not aware and I don't want my resource removed.

    As always, thanks for using eZProtector!