EZPunishments 1.0

A simple punishment skript for your server.

  1. scp__123
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    _Playah_ (me)
    EZPunishments - A simple and effective punishment skript.


    1. Go to your server plugins
    2. Go to Skript > scripts
    3. Create a new file named "ezp.sk"
    4. Open the file
    5. Paste the code found at http://bin.shortbin.eu:8080/B5srmjK7mJ
    6. Save the file
    7. Go ingame and type /sk reload ezp
    8. Enjoy!


    /ban [user] [reason]
    /tempban [user] [timespan] [reason]
    /mute [user] [timespan] [reason]
    /unmute [user]
    /unban [user]
    /check [user]
    /kick [user] [reason]
    /warn [user] [reason]


    ezpunishments.* - All permissions
    ezpunishments.ban.* - All sub-permissions for ban
    ezpunishments.ban.perma - Permanent ban
    ezpunishments.ban.temp - Temporary ban
    ezpunishments.ban.undo - Unban
    ezpunishments.ban.ip - IP-Ban/Blacklist
    ezpunishments.kick - Kick
    ezpunishments.mute - Mute
    ezpunishments.unmute - UnMute
    ezpunishments.warn - Warn
    ezpunishments.check - Check IP/Bans
    ezpunishments.warns - Check all warns

    Skript made by _Playah_