EzRecipes | Add and remove custom crafting recipes | Straightforward | 1.13+ 1.4

Add or remove custom crafting recipes from your game

  1. You can now view your custom recipes in-game, using a paginated GUI!

    - Paginated GUI for seeing a list of all your created custom recipes, including their ingredients.
    - Detail GUI for seeing the shape of the recipe
  2. There was a problem with the download since I forgot to enter a version string, sorry!

    Thanks for mentioning this, LOL MASTER.
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  3. Added world blacklisting | Fixed update checker | Version numbering changed to 1.x

    - Added ability to blacklist worlds for custom recipes, suggestion of CesarPX
    - Update checker now actually checks if there are any updates, whups!
    - Version numbering changed for some consistency
  4. Players can discover custom recipes on join from version 1.14 and up | Added update checker

    Added a setting in the config for setting if the players should discover the custom defined recipes by default or not.

    Added option for enabling/disabling update checks and shows message to operators on join.