EzSigns (Full Placeholders support!) 1.5

Sign customization made easy, edit signs with just one command!

  1. ZeroToInfinity
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    A plugin that allows you to customize your signs simple, without the hassle of editing 3 different configs. This allows you to use colors, placeholders and even lets you bind commands to the sign!

    2020-12-19_22.03.10.png 2020-11-30_09.35.26.png

    Current features
    * Sign Commands
    * Edit Signs (ChatColor supported)
    * Full placeholders support



    /signcreate <command> - Command Signs, right click the sign after to bind the command into the sign.

    /signedit <line> <message> - Edit signs (must be looking at the sign you want to edit)


    Upcoming features
    * Placeholder Support (done)
    * Editable config (soon)
    * More sign customization (done)

    Update 20/12/01
    Fixed bug that only allowed for one argument in the command, now you can have up to 3 arguments. ex. /signcreate gamemode survival minecraftplayer123

    Update 20/12/02
    Added sign edit feature.
    /signedit <line> <message>
    *need to look at the sign you wish to edit
    (currently only supports ChatColor but PlaceHolders will be implemented soon.)

    Update 20/12/03
    * Major bug fixes
    * When creating a command sign, there is now a expiry time the session will expire after 45 seconds.
    * To break signs, you now require the permission ezsigns.admin and must be crouching while breaking a command sign
    * Added tab suggestions for the commands

    Update 20/12/19
    * added full placeholder support example usage: /signedit <line num> welcome %player name%!
    * Fixed minor bugs