EZSpawn 1.0

An Easy Spawn Plugin with some Features you are Missing

  1. Giraffenlp
    In case i canĀ“t find the Spawn plugin i was Looking for, i decided to Learn Java and write my own Plugin, and there it is.

    Set your World Spawn. Obvious.

    Use the TP on Join Feature for Players who Connecrt to the Server will be Tp to Spawn.

    Auto Welcome Message

    OutofWorld Feature Tp the Player to Spawn when he undermak a configurable Hight

    All Options can be Changed ingame


    /EZSpawnset <X> <Y> <Z> <Worldname>
    Setups your Server Spawn please use it Ingame

    /joinmsg <Auto Join Message>
    Setups your Auto Join Message

    /OutofWorld <Minimum Height>
    Setups your OutofWorld Hight

    Teleports the Player to the Spawn

    /eztoggle <Parameter>
    Toggle Parameters [TponJoin] [AutoMessage] or [OutofWorld]

    For all Administrativ Commands

    EZSpawn.Player For /spawn command

    Planed Features:
    I Plan to make some nice built in Features, a Multiworld support.

    World Guard Support Set additional Spawn for a Region set in World Guard

    Thank you and Leave a Review
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    Version: 0.1
    Good Plugin THX