EZWelcome | A join message plugin [1.8-1.12] 4.0

Changeable Welcome Message! Now with a reload command!

  1. EazyFTW
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Changeable join message!

    This might work with other versions than 1.8, but it is untested!


    This plugin displays a message, actionbar, and title on join! All editable in the config!


    Make sure to edit the sound if you are in MC 1.9+!

    If you want to disable The chat message, action bar or title replace the message with nothing. Example: ''

    - %player% Replaces with a player's name.


    Code (Text):

    # EZWelcome created by EazyFTW with help from ChimpGamer..
    # EZWelcome v4.0
    # If you are in MC 1.9+ Make sure to set the sound to something different or EZWelcome could glitch!

    #Placeholders: (PlaceholderAPI NOT-Needed)
    # %player% = Player's Name
    # %online% = Amount of Online Players
    # %world% = Player's Current World
    # %health% = Player's Health
    # %uuid% = Player's UUID
    # %date% = Server DATE

    # Prefix and Chat configuration
    prefix: '&8&l[&9&lEZWelcome&8&l]'
    rmessage: '&7Reloaded the Config Files!'
    chat-message: '&7Welcome to the server!'
    first-join-chat-message: '&7Welcome to the server!'

    # Sound configuration (If you are using MC 1.9+ make sure you change this sound or else it will glitch...)
    sound-type: LEVEL_UP

    # Title configuration (in ticks, 20 ticks = 1 second)
    title-fadein: 20
    title-stay: 60
    title-fadeout: 20
    title-prefix: 'Welcome, %player%'
    title-message: '&7Hope you enjoy your stay!'
    first-join-title-prefix: 'Welcome, %player%'
    first-join-title-message: '&7Hope you enjoy your stay!'

    #Actionbar configuration (in ticks, 20 ticks = 1 second)
    actionbar-message: '&7Welcome to the server!'
    first-join-actionbar-message: '&7Welcome to the server!'
    actionbar-stay: 120

    # Firework Configuration
      enable: true
      first-join: true
      every-join: true

    #MOTD configuration
    motd-enabled: true

    #Join/leave messages configuration
    disable-defaultmc-join-leave-message: true
    global-join-message: '&8[&a+&8] &a%player%'
    global-leave-message: '&8[&c-&8] &c%player%''


    Commands: /reloadez & /ezwelcomereload - Reloads the join message.



    Soft Depends: (Not Needed)
    - BountifulAPI (Since version 2.1)
    - PlaceholderAPI (Since version 4.0)

    - Dont claim this plugin as your own.
    - Do not copy code, you may look at it but no copying into your plugins.
    Updated: 6-30-17

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Recent Reviews

  1. TakenNone
    Version: 4.0
    Easy to use plugin. I got one suggestion to make and i'm hoping you reply - can you add a NewPlayerMOTD? (A MOTD only a new player sees once when he/she first joins.
    1. EazyFTW
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I might do this in the near future. I have a ton of other things to work on. I haven't updated this plugin in a while and may never again.

      - EazyFTW
  2. AztecWalker
    Version: 4.0
    Dude.. It's working perfectly on 1.13.1
    Why you didn't write it down on your plugin page that this plugin works for 1.13+???

    Absolutely recommend this plugin..
    It has no bugs..
    1. EazyFTW
      Author's Response
      I didn't know if It worked for 1.13.1. I will put it down! Thanks.
  3. xz123456xz
    Version: 4.0
    Support for 1.13 or higher?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    1. EazyFTW
      Author's Response
      I would update it for 1.13, but i'm sure is plenty of other plugins that can do the same thing. I'm busy and have other things to do, sorry.

      - EazyFTW
  4. davidwong
    Version: 4.0
    Good plugin!
    Can you add support for bungeecord?
    1. EazyFTW
      Author's Response
      You could just install it on all of your server. Also, thanks for the review.

      - EazyFTW
  5. anonymouscous
    Version: 2.1
    Nice plugin! Veel mensen hebben er denk ik wat aan. Alleen jammer is dat het al best vaak geĆ¼pload is op spigotmc. Deze plugin is volgens mij niet heel moeilijk te maken maar voor beginners is het zeker de moeite waard!
    1. EazyFTW
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review

      - EazyFTW