FacIdence: A easy to use Factions/Residence hook! Fixed Version - 1.0

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  1. Voxed
    This plugin was requested by kareckys as a request!

    The upload to spigot didnt really work for some reason, please download the newest version FIXES EVERYTHING - 1.0 before reporting any bugs.

    Update the plugin if you are experiencing any bugs. Ive already fixed two bugs. Look at the Bugs tab lower down the page for a list of what ive fixed.

    The plugin requires Factions UUID, Residence and Java 1.7+ to work.

    What does it do?
    It is a simple hook for residence/faction blocking creation of residences/factions in the same area.

    • Configurable messages (With color support)
    • Able to configure what it should allow/not (Can you create residence inside factions? Can you create faction inside residence?)
    • Blocks claiming of factions inside residence (Configurable)
    • Blocks createion of residence inside factions (Configurable
    How to install:
    1. Drop the file (FacIdence) inside your plugins folder
    2. Start server
    3. Open FacIdence folder located inside the plugins folder
    4. Open config.yml and edit it to your liking
    5. type /reload (need op) or restart the server

    Default Configuration:
    Code (Text):
    ResidenceWarning: "&4You cant create a residence inside a faction!"
    FactionsWarning: "&4You cant claim factionland inside a residence!"
    FactionInResidenceRestriction: on #on/off if faction can be created in residence
    ResidenceInFactionRestriction: on #on/off if residence can be created in faction

    1. Stop the server by typing /stop in the console
    2. Replace the FacIdence.jar with the new FacIdence.jar
    3. Remove the old FacIdence config if there has been any changes to the default config above. If you dont know, do it anyway.
    4. Start server
    5. Enjoy

    - Error messages repeating (Fixed)
    - Changing of messages wont work, this also adds color to the default message, so i recommend updating(Fixed)


    I created and published this resource for free, i dont need any money for doing so.
    Although, if you do like the plugin, i would really love it if you could give it a like or a review

Recent Reviews

  1. FlamingPrincess
    Version: Fixed Version - 1.0
    Para Que Es Esto? es Para Factions o es Factions?
    Si me Dices le doy las 5 Estrellas
    1. Voxed
      Author's Response
      No sé por qué piensas que hablo español , pero yo no . Esto se convierten utilizando Google Translate . El plugin es un gancho entre cualquiera de las versiones de las facciones y una residencia plugin de llamada . Básicamente , esto lo hace de manera que no puedes crear una facción dentro de una residencia y viceversa. Por favor, traducir la página al español usando Google Translate si quieres saber lo que hace el plugin en profundidad . Si utiliza Google Chrome puedes rightclick la página y haga clic en traducir al español o somthing lo largo de esas líneas. < 3
  2. kareckys
    Version: 2015-07-28
    Oh, my good I didn't though anyone would create this thank you soo much !! :))) Love you
    1. Voxed
      Author's Response
      Happy to help!
  3. JoezMC
    Version: 2015-07-28
    Brilliant easy to use and works perfectly with my server thanks a lot for this :)
    1. Voxed
      Author's Response
      Your welcome :D