Faction Mobs 3.3.5-CB1.14.4

Command a mob army to fight for your team

  1. Scyntrus
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Looking for a maintainer to take over this plugin. If interested please take a look over the code in GitHub then file an issue on the GitHub page.

    Want some guards to defend your territory? Faction Mobs allows you to spawn mobs aligned to your team! Faction mobs will attack enemy players and monsters! You can even order your mobs to patrol or follow you around.


    Mob Types:

    There are 5 mob types:
    • Swordsman
      • Sword wielding
      • Base class: Skeleton with sword
    • Archer
      • Bow wielding
      • Base class: Skeleton with bow
    • Mage
      • Potion throwing
      • Base class: Witch
    • Titan
      • Base class: Iron Golem
    • SpiritBear
      • Base class: Polar Bear
    The swordsman and archer will equip full leather armor dyed to a color of your choice.

    You can modify mob attributes in the config, and you may disable them selectively if you wish.

    If Lib's Disguises is used, the swordsman, archer, and mage will use player skins.


    Your faction mobs will automatically categorize any units it meets as enemy, friendly, or neutral.

    Players and faction mobs from enemy factions will be considered enemies. If set in the options, hostile mobs will also be considered enemies, with the exception of the creeper, which it will never attack. Players and faction mobs from your own and allied factions will be considered friendly. All other units are neutral.

    Your faction mobs will automatically attack hostile units. It will defend itself when attacked by neutral units. It will never attack friendly units.

    Note that the Mage and Archer have some rather bad aim, and may accidentally attack friendly units. You can prevent damage from friendly fire by setting noFriendlyFire to true in the config.

    The config.yml contains many options to set various attributes to the mobs. Please look through it.

    Getting Information
    When joining a server with Faction Mobs, you will first want to use "/fm info". It shows you what mobs you are able to spawn and any associated costs with spawning them.

    Spawning a Faction Mob
    1. You must have permission "fmob.spawn"
    2. You must be standing in territory owned by your faction
    3. You must have enough remaining faction power or money (if applicable)
    4. Type "/fm spawn type", where type is archer, swordsman, mage, or titan
    Setting Your Faction's Color
    1. You must have permission "fmob.color"
    2. Type "/fm color color", where color is a color in RRGGBB format.
    Giving Orders to Your Faction Mobs
    1. You must have permission "fmob.order"
    2. Select mobs by right clicking them. You can deselect mobs by right clicking again or typing "/fm deselect"
    3. Type "/fm order order", where order is one of the following:
    Regular Orders:
    • follow - Tell your mobs to follow you
    • stop - Tell your mobs to go to wherever you told them to go last and stop there
    • goHome - Tell your mobs to go where you spawned them (their home)
    • setHome - Make your position you mob's new home
    • patrolHere - Tell your mobs to patrol between their home and your current position
    • moveToPoint - Tell your mobs to move to where you're looking
    • attackAll - Tell your mobs to attack neutral players
    • forgive - Tell your mobs to stop attacking any neutral player that provoked them and disable attackAll
    Your mobs have a limited navigation range. Pathfinding in tight areas may be a bit buggy.

    Orders Requiring "fmob.order.tp":
    • tpHere - Teleport your mobs directly to you
    • tpHome - Teleport your mobs back home
    Organizing mobs into groups:
    • To save your selection:
      • /fm group set NUMBER
    • To load a selection:
      • /fm group NUMBER
    • NUMBER must be between 1 and 5
    Feeding Your Faction Mobs
    If your server has this option enabled, you can feed your faction mobs to restore some health. Right click a faction mob while holding an apple and it will be healed by a set amount of health (default: 5 hp).

    Step 1: Download
    Click here for a list of files.
    The latest version of Faction Mobs should be compatible with the latest version of Spigot. However, older versions of Spigot may not be compatible with the latest version of Faction Mobs. If Faction Mobs is incompatible, an error message will be displayed at startup.

    If you are using Towny, you must set the 'force_town_monsters_on' to true in Towny's config.yml.

    Step 2: Config.yml
    Run the server once to generate the Faction Mobs config.yml file, located in /plugins/FactionMobs.

    Click here to view the default config.yml and explanations for each config option.

    Setting the powerCost makes each faction mob "use up" some of a Faction's power. For example, if a faction has 10 power and an archer costs 5 power each, the faction can spawn 2 archers. Once it has used up its power, it cannot spawn more until the existing mobs are killed or it gains more power.

    This plugin has the option to use Vault to set a price for spawning mobs. It is recommended you set a price for each mob so players cannot continuously spawn them.

    Step 3: Permissions
    Click here to view the permissions and descriptions straight off the plugin.yml file.

    Leaving the permissions at default should usually be okay, but you may want to give people special permissions to suit your server's needs.

    You may also want to click here and view what your players are able to do with faction mobs and with what permissions.

    The /fmc Command
    Faction Mobs features a way for server owners to spawn faction mobs for a specific faction via command blocks. It allows server owners to set up their own spawning systems. Read more about it here.

    Using Spigot or Cauldron(MCPC)?
    Faction Mobs should have no problem with Spigot, but will most likely not be compatible with MCPC.
    This is because of MCPC's renaming of variables, which requires me to manually input the new variable names.
    Because of MCPC's later release schedule, the new name for each build usually doesn't make it into the plugin in time.
    If you are using MCPC and encounter problems, send me a PM and I can give you a modified jar that should be compatible with MCPC.

    Frequently Encountered Errors
    When someone tries to use the command it says "/fm [spawn: order:color] [parameters]" and nothing happens
    Check the server.log file. There should be a small error message at the start-up of your server.

    This is usually caused by having a version of Faction Mobs that is incompatible with your version of Factions and CraftBukkit. See Step 1 for more information.

    I'm getting a bad version number error on start-up
    Try using Java 7.

    I'm getting "[Fatal Error] Unable to register mobs" on startup
    This may occur if you are using Cauldron(MCPC) or another unsupported server distributions. This plugin is built off CraftBukkit and I cannot guarantee compatibility with other server distributions.

    Submitting a bug report
    When submitting a bug report, be sure to upload the /plugins/FactionMobs/error.log file to pastebin and include it in the report, if the log file exists. Also consider uploading the list of plugins you are using in case it's conflict with another plugin.

    This is the main command.

    /fm spawn
    Spawn a specified mob
    Requires "fmob.spawn" permission
    • /fm spawn archer
    • /fm spawn swordsman
    • /fm spawn mage
    • /fm spawn titan
    /fm order
    Give selected mobs an order (select mobs by right clicking them)
    Requires the "fmob.order" permission
    • /fm order gohome
      • Send your mobs home
    • /fm order follow
      • Make your mobs follow you
    • /fm order stop
      • Make your mobs hold position
    • /fm order patrolHere
      • Make your mobs patrol from their home to your current position
    • /fm order wander
      • Let your mobs wander around (there is no limit as to how far it can wander)
    • /fm order setHome
      • Set your current position as your mob's home
    • /fm order forgive
      • Tell your mobs to stop attacking what they are currently agroed to
      • Your mobs will resume attacking entities marked as hostile, but will stop attacking any neutral entities that provoked it.
    • /fm order moveToPoint
      • Send your mobs to where you're looking
      • Additionally requires the "fmob.order.move" permission
    • /fm order tpHome
      • Teleport your mobs home
      • Additionally requires the "fmob.order.tp" permission
    • /fm order tpHere
      • Teleport your mobs to you
      • Additionally requires the "fmob.order.tp" permission
    /fm color
    Colors the armor of faction mobs from your faction a specified color
    Requires "fmob.color" permission
    • /fm color ##
      • ## is a color in RRGGBB format
      • ff0000 is red
      • 00ff00 is green
      • 0000ff is blue
    /fm info
    Lists the prices of the mobs

    /fm selection
    List any mobs you have selected

    /fm deselect
    Deselect any mobs you have selected

    /fm selectall
    Select all mobs in your faction
    Requires the "fmob.selectall" permission

    /fm group
    • /fm group set NUMBER
      • Save your selection to a group
    • /fm group NUMBER
      • Load a saved group
    • Number must be between 1 and 5
    Faction Mobs Console command
    Designed to be used by command blocks, this command allows you to spawn a mob to a specific faction.
    WARNING: This command bypasses all restrictions to spawning faction mobs, including land ownership, faction power, and mob count limits.
    The command must originate a command block, the console, or a player with the "fmob.fmc" permission.

      • MOBTYPE can be archer, swordsman, mage, or titan
      • FACTIONTAG is the name of the faction
      • WORLDNAME is the name of the world the mob is to be spawned in
      • X Y Z are the coordinates to spawn the mob at
      • Optionally, you can add an order to give your mobs
      • ORDER can be wander, patrol, or move
      • wander requires no extra coordinates, but patrol and move require X2 Y2 Z2 as extra coordinates
      • path is a special order that can only be used with the /fmc command
      • This will spawn a mob at X Y Z and direct the mob to travel to X2 Y2 Z2 and then to X3 Y3 Z3 where it will stop.
    The /fmc command supports wildcards for the FACTIONTAG parameter
    • Replacing FACTIONTAG with %land% will spawn a faction mob for the faction that owns the land the command block is located in
    • Replacing FACTIONTAG with %near% will spawn a faction mob for the faction of the nearest player within a 16 block radius of the command block
    • No mob will spawn if no faction is found

    Additional Information:
    • Mobs still use their original AI, just slightly modified. This means they will use the same movement patterns when attacking as they normally do.
    • I used some of the obfuscated functions from Craftbukkit. This means that the plugin will only work for the version it was released for.
    • The mobs are saved in file separate from the rest of the world. If you change the name of your world, the faction mobs will not transfer with it.
    • If your server is prone to crashing, it is recommended you turn on the autoSave function in the config file.
    • This plugin utilizes bStats which means that the following information is collected and sent to bstats.org:
      • A unique identifier
      • The server's version of Java
      • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
      • The plugin's version
      • The server's version
      • The OS version/name and architecture
      • The core count for the CPU
      • The number of players online
      • The Metrics version
      • The Factions version
    • Note to other developers: Faction Mobs custom entities have "CustomEntity" and "FactionMob" metadata tags
    Reporting a Bug:
    I'm not very active maintaining this plugin anymore, I generally check every month or so. If you want me to look into a problem, I need:
    • Server type and version
    • "Factions" plugin and version
    • FactionMobs version
    • error.log file if relevant
    • Steps to reproduce the problem
    Fan-Made Tutorial Video:

    Original description at bukkit.org.

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