Faction Tools || Trench Tools || And More 1.0.3

Simple, Lightweight and fully configable

  1. Fixed the bug that was fixed three months ago and just never uploaded

    Aight so im forgetful.
    Three months ago i uploaded a version where there was a bug with the /give command from console
    I uploaded a fix the next day in my discord but forgot to do it in spigot.

    Anyone who downloaded the fix from my discord need not download but anyone who didn't (And for some reason didn't leave a bad review cause it was broke) can download it here.

  2. Bug Fixes

    Fixed bugs with the GUI for the admin section of the plugin. ( Thanks
    DigitalMind ) for letting me know about it.
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  3. Fixed Version Numbering and added features

    Fixed Version Numbering
    And added tray pickaxes and enchantments.