FactionChat 1.10.8

Bringing back the Chat feature to Factions

  1. James Anderson
    In the most recent versions of the oh so popular Factions (1.7 and above), you may have noticed that the faction chat feature was removed. Faction chat really comes in handy at times to easily talk with whole groups, whether you're planning with your allies to take down that faction you just hate that or discussing top secret plans with your clan. This plugin is there to fill in that gap and bring back this high demand feature, aiming to replicate what has now been removed from Factions.

    The author of FactionChat is constantly updating to make sure that FactionChat is designed to work without any bugs and function at top-notch performance out-of-the-box.

    • Faction-only, ally, truce and enemy chat modes
    • Send a message to other factions, even if you're not allies with them
    • Staff chat channels
    • Ability to spy on all messages
    • Easy to use chat-mode toggles/commands
    For more Information please go to dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/factionchat

Recent Reviews

  1. AFGV
    Version: 1.10.8
    As of it does not support luckperms prefix support, and you also have to config in game which is nice but sometimes gets confusing.
  2. LudnicaKiller
    Version: 1.10.7
    Great plugin, like the original Factions chat. Using on my Factions 2.13.6 version on 1.8.8. server :D
  3. LloydPlayzHD
    Version: 1.10.7
    Awesome Unique plugin I am going to use this on my server nwo now thank you verry much <3
  4. Toad118garbyRO
    Version: 1.10.5
    Very nice! Thanks man, this makes me remember the old Factions plugin! Thanks alot!
  5. emanh
    Version: 1.10.5
    This makes me remember the old Factions plugin, thanks for making this man! I love it! :D
    1. James Anderson
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, if you have any suggestions feel free to post
  6. Scarpa18
    Version: 1.10.5
    Excellent, must need plugin for any Massive Factions server. Works very well in Offline servers too.
    1. James Anderson
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  7. joebenator
    Version: 1.9.11
    You sir, are a legend! Thank oyu so much for this plugin. Do you have any idea why faction chat was removed from the factions plugin?
    1. James Anderson
      Author's Response
      This is what I got from the author of Factions when I first made the plugin

      Hello, I believe it's a good practice to keep different plugins for different features. Putting chat into the factions plugin is a step in the wrong direction. External plugins like yours is probably the way to go...