FactionCompass 1.0

Track other factions with this compass!

  1. CubeBreeze
    FactionsCompass is a raiding tool plugin where your compass will point towards a random neutral/hostile claim somewhere in the world. This is extremely useful if you want your Factions server to have more action. It makes it much easier to find a raid, which in my opinion makes factions a lot better. Ideally you'll want to balance this with raid difficulty- if it's hard for players to defend on your server and easy for them to attack, it'll really just be mayhem (which very few people want). I hope you enjoy this plugin, and please give your suggestions/feedback/support if you have any!

    • Track a random land claim with a compass that is not your truce/ally/own faction
    • Enable only configuration-set worlds for this to work in (enabled by default)
    • Ban certain faction names from being tracked (WarZone, SafeZone, PeaceBros <3)
    factionscompass.use: allows use of the compass

    Planned Features:
    • Larger factions (more land claimed) are optionally more likely to be picked
    • Option where only compasses with a certain name can be used, and a crafting recipe to craft them
    • Option where using the compass will consume a certain item (eye of ender, gold, etc.) or money
    • Player option where range can be set

Recent Reviews

  1. RedDragon
    Version: 1.0
    It's a good idea but the problem is that it's not working xD, if you fix it maybe it worth 5 stars, but i tried and it's still not working.
    1. CubeBreeze
      Author's Response
      The pluggin is inactive because of schooling, i'll get it back up soon.