Factions Blue 1.1.6 Stable

A different yet familiar way of playing factions!

  1. Added /f list. Added new method to API. Auto Save is now async.

    • Added /f list
      If you're currently using 1.0 and want to configure the message of this, please add the following lines to your messages.yml
      Code (yml (Unknown Language)):
      listHeader: "&9&l(!) &9Faction: &b| &9Online: &b| &9Claims:  &b| &9Power &9&l({page}/{pages})"
      listFormat: "&9&l(!) &b{faction} &9| &b{online}/{total} &9| &b{claims}/{maxclaims} &9| &b{power}/{maxpower}"
    • Fixed flint and steel and steel being usable in all territory
      Flint and steel is now only usable by faction members that have the role permission "break". This is only relevant to blocks, flint and steel is still usable on entities.
    • Auto Save is now async
    • Added permission nodes; "factions.create" & "factions.list"
    • Added #getAllFactions() to the API.
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