Factions Blue 1.1.6 Stable

A different yet familiar way of playing factions!

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    + /f boost <power/claims> <faction> <amount> now works through console.
    + Optimized liquid flow check
    + Corrected max power
    + Admin/Bypass mode now allows you to open protected doors&chests in all territory
    + Admin/Bypass mode now bypasses claim limit.


    + Fixed TNT being able to damage safezone & warzone from wilderness or normal territory.
    + Added bStats Metrics
    + Added #getAllClaims() to the API
    + Added /f warp list
    + Wilderness no longer shows up in faction map legend.
    + Added faction_role placeholder

    + Fixed NumberFormatException in /f list
    + Added Clip Placeholder Support
    + Fixed permission api conflicting with leader role
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