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  1. Minor update

    Hey guys, I've been quite busy lately so I've not been able to much work on Factions Blue, but I did some.

    A major update is scheduled for June 8th

    • What is a major update?
      Minor updates are mostly bug fixes and small improvements while major updates contain new features and more improvements.

    I'll be adding /f unclaim all in the next update, but first I have a question for you.
    As you know Factions Blue has a complete role system with permissions, do you think players should require an unclaimall permission, or is the simple unclaim permission enough?

    + Players within the same faction and allies could still attack eachother, which is now fixed
    + You can now use {members_offline} and {members_offline} in /f info

    • If you wish to show online/offline members of your faction in /f info, make your changes in messages.yml
    + You can no longer ally your own faction

    Feel free to message me if you've any questions
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