Factions Blue 1.1.6 Stable

A different yet familiar way of playing factions!

  1. Weekly Update; Important Fixes & Enhancements

    Factions Blue is making great progress, and already is a promising factions plugin, but now it's getting to the point where I'll start working on the to-do list/plans mentioned in the overview which promises cool new features :)

    I've noticed only 40% of the servers are up to date with the latest version, I would like to state that updating frequently is important. Factions Blue updates every weekend (once a week) unless a crucial bug was found, then an additional update may be released.
    Do you think an update every weekend is too often? If so, should it be every two weeks or month instead?

    Changelog for this week

    - Removed lava and water flow prevention in Safezone & Warzone
    An anti cobblestone monster will be added instead in the next update.
    + Refactored some code
    + Added FactionsApi#delSubCommand(String) & FactionsApi#deregisterPermission(String)
    + Slighty increased FactionsTop preperation speed for 1.13 and up

    + Refactored some code
    + Fixed Villagers still being able to spawn naturally somehow
    + Fixed factions sometimes not being assigned properly

    + You can now join Safezone & Warzone when in bypass mode
    + Mobs no longer naturally spawn in Safezone & warzone
    + Fixed players leaving factions being set to safezone rather than wilderness
    + You can no longer disband system factions
    + Fixed potential bug with claiming
    + Refactored some code

    Thanks for using Factions Blue, please report bugs, leave a suggestion or a review :) Please do NOT reports bugs within your review, message me instead.
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