Factions Blue 1.1.6 Stable

A different yet familiar way of playing factions!

  1. New Features & Bug Fixes

    This week a couple bugs were discovered which have been fixed in this update, in addition I've added some new features and made some nice changes. I've done two hours of bug hunting on the new build and haven't found any so I'm very positive that Factions Blue is completely bug free.

    Even though there were no major bugs I do apologize for any inconvenience caused by a bug. I also would like to thank every person that has reported bugs so far, thank you!

    1. Default role permissions are now loaded from /FactionsBlue/permissions.yml

    2. Fixed players being able to damage players within Warzone from Safezone

    3. Power now regenerates accordingly

    4. /f claim radius is now centered properly

    5. Optimized /f claim radius

    6. Added /f unclaim all
      /f unclaim all requires a role with a permission power of at least 4
      (!) /f unclaim all <safezone/warzone>
      (!) /f unclaim all requires permission "factions.unclaim-all" which is included in factions.survival & factions.player

    7. Fixed new role names & tags not saving

    8. Fixed a NullPointerException within the role selector

    9. Projectiles no longer damage players in Safezone, and allies/players within the same faction

    10. Added "show" alias to /f info
    11. You can now both use /f set desc and /f set description to set description
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