Factions 2.14.0

Create your Faction, Claim your Land, Fight your Enemies!

  1. Cayorion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Cayorion, Madus, Ulumulu1510
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    What is Factions?
    With this plugin players group up in Factions. You claim land as your own and build your base. Factions is a self serve anti griefing system. Leaders control who can can edit their faction land.

    Factions is also about diplomacy and war. You declare wars and forge alliances. You fight over land and manage your monetary expenses.

    New In Factions 2.8
    Reworked Commands
    – /f rank, /f invite, /f flag and /f perm.
    Added Commands – /f setpower, /f status, /f unstuck and /f tt.
    WorldGuard – Readded a simple integration.
    Tab Completion – Tab completion now available for everything!
    Interactive Text – Clickable buttons for list and help commands.
    1.8 Titles – Optionally used for territory info.
    Animals Flag – New flag similar to the Monsters flag.
    Performance – Further work on improved performance.
    Bug Fixes – Loads of minor bugs were fixed.

    FactionsTax 10$
    – Automatic player and faction taxation system.
    FactionsDynmap 10$ – Lag free and feature rich Dynmap integration.

    Official Server
    Join in and play with us on the official Factions Minecraft Server!
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Recent Reviews

  1. 7mostov5
    Version: 2.14.0
    Awesome! plugin----------------------------------------
    but essentialsx chat not working on this plugin
  2. TTV_itsyaboywes
    Version: 2.14.0
    Love plugin, but is this still under development? Lots of errors when running Factions on 1.13.2 with WorldGuard.
  3. Tikru
    Version: 2.14.0
    The Players Can't Use /f it says u canno't use faction based command
  4. Navarrete6
    Version: 2.14.0
    Is not working on my server , I have spigot131.jar and I'm using the most recent Factions Version + MassiveCore
  5. DarrienYap
    Version: 2.14.0
    can add /f chat??
    please xD
    this plugins working
    but sometime the plugins will gone but i think is because i keep /reload server
  6. Minehoda48130
    Version: 2.14.0
    i think it's good
    but i have a problem that the plugins dosen't appear in the plugins
    only the MassiveCore
  7. NoopyyGaming
    Version: 2.14.0
    There is something weird, when we create a Faction, the UUID of it is showing in console, i want to know why because i don't like it
  8. Dracathio
    Version: 2.14.0
    Main Developer is gone, inactive for 12 weeks, Hasn't answered any issues put into GitHub issue tracker. This may not be updated for 1.13 unless someone else takes up the coding themselves.
  9. Kshitij
    Version: 2.14.0
    A very Cool Plugin with LOAD LOAD LOADS of features :).
    One Question.
    How do I make such website map viewer like in the snap above?
    How can I add such factions viewer on my website?
    Like people can see the factions details?
    thanks :)
    Waiting for a reply
  10. vackaming
    Version: 2.14.0
    Nice, I was using it on 1.12.2 and now im waiting for 1.13.2 support best plugin for survival and pvp