FactionsAlias 2.1.0

FactionsAlias adds sub-commands to the factions /f command without the need of modifying the plugin.

  1. MarkehMe
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Please don't report bugs in the comments, but instead, report them to the GitHub Issues page

    This plugin requires Factions Framework.

    FactionsAlias add's sub-command aliases to the factions "/f" command without the need of modifying the plugin.

    FactionsAlias supports the most versions of Factions!
    An Example
    So the configuration guide shows you an example of making /f power point to /f p (as it was changed in Factions 2.x.

    However, you could also make, for example /f arena point to /warp factions_arena, or /f cats point to /cats and it will pass over any arguments passed after it too (for example if you added /f cats, and they wrote /f cats MarkehMe, it would run /cats MarkehMe).

    Configuration Guide
    The configuration guide can be found here.

    This plugin does not add any commands or permissions that aren't defined in the config.yml by you. Please do not reload the server, as it will cause issues. In the future, we will add our own /factionsalias reload command. But at the moment, it's best to restart the server. Otherwise, you'll end up having some errors when you do reload.

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  1. Lertu
    Version: 2.1.0
    Woah man life saving soooo awesome, players arent mad about the .fpower anymore xD