FactionsBridge 1.2.2

Bridging the gap between Plugins and APIs.

  1. Beta - Version 1.2.2

  2. Beta - Version 1.2.1

  3. Beta - Version 1.2.0

    Switched project to an entirely new code-base and added support for UltimateFactions (12th implementation).
  4. Beta - Version 1.1.4

    This version adds MedievalFactions and LegacyFactions.
    This version also fixes major lag caused by FactionsUUID lookups, thanks to https://github.com/mbax
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  5. Beta - Version 1.1.3

    Updated SaberFactions support.
    This update isn't mandatory unless you use SaberFactions.
  6. Beta - Version 1.1.2

    Added more connection functionality, now accepts two optional parameters, console-output and requires-factions.

    If you specify requires factions (your plugin), and FactionsBridge doesn't find Factions, an error will be thrown.
    If you specify that your plugin doesn't require Factions and FactionsBridge doesn't find Factions, console-output (toggle), will be used to print or not print messages.

    Thanks to Splodgebox#3490 for the idea.
  7. Beta - Version 1.1.1

    Added getWarZone, getSafeZone, getWilderness methodology to the IFactionAPI class.
    Added isWarZone, isSafeZone and isWilderness methodology to the IFaction class.

    Fixed an InvalidPluginException when shading the project into your own plugins.
    Fixed an IllegalArgumentException when running the plugin standalone.

    Updated the README to reflect how to use the API with both the standalone model and the shaded model.
  8. Beta - Version 1.1.0

    Added support for plugins to 'connect' to the Bridge.
    This support is only useful for those who wish to shade the project into their plugins.

    BridgeAlreadyConnectedException - called when a plugin tries to connect to the FactionsBridge to set it up when it is already set up.

    Also added Faction Strikes to the IFaction class. (addStrike, removeStrike, getTotalStrikes and clearStrikes have been added).
    Also added an asString method for IFactionPlayer.
  9. Update 1.0.7 - Fixed SupremeFactions Bug.

    With thanks to Kapakulia, I have successfully fixed another bug with SupremeFactions' implementation.

    I have also optimised imports correctly and added security to the startup print messages where once in a blue moon the allocation of the FactionsAPI would work incorrectly, with thanks to alfalfa6.
  10. Fixed 2 Bugs & More Functionality added.

    Fixed a bug where Economy can be turned off and an NPE could be thrown by FactionsUUID. - culjkee
    Fixed a bug where AtlasFactions were being used incorrectly in the API. - CustomEnchants

    Added methodology:
    createWarp(name, location)

    GitHub: https://github.com/CallumJohnson/FactionsBridge/releases/tag/1.0.6