FactionSK 1.5.1

A HCFaction skript.

  1. Mariano

    Hi people, in this oportunity is a factions skript.

    It's based on the idea of HCfactions by drtshcok.

    Remember this is a plugins, you you will need:

    * Skript plugin
    * WildSkript plugin
    * Umbaska plugin
    * SkQuery plugin

    And then add this skript into the forlder:

    ../Plugins/skript/scripts/ [place me right here]

    For example:


    Working Stuff:
    • faction create
    • faction invite denvite and join
    • faction claim and unclaim
    • faction dtr system
    • faction disband
    • faction sethome and home
    • faction list
    • faction kick
    • faction leave
    • faction owner
    • Faction ally and neutral (only 1 ally)
    • No friendly fire (between ally or faction members)
    • DTR freeze on death
    • Show green tag to factions members, show red tag to anyone that is not from the faction, and show pink tag to the ally faction member! (using wildskript for this one, I really could't do it with umbaska)
    • command clear-factions will clear all the variables created by this skript.
    • Faction tag (change faction name)
    • Faction raidable (make faction raideable when the dtr is 0 or less)
    • Faction protection (protect faction land from other players or factions)
    • Chat system (use /f c)
    • /f mod [player] Mods can kick players, invite players, claim , uclaim, etc
    • more stuff, just read the changelogs xD
    Short demo:

    TO DO:

    • Amount of ally? The skript only allow 1 ally at this time.
    Im open to any suggestion, so feel free to share!

    Removed old versions from the main post, use the github repo!

    You can find the latest version here: FactionSK GitHub

    The skript if free, but I would appreciate if you can buy me a beer :D, specially right now that the summer is striking my country haha!


    Older Changelogs:
    Changelog: 0.2b

    Added Faction tag
    Added variable that makes a faction raidable, and when the dtr is 0 or less, make that variable true.
    Changelog 0.3b:
    This is a big one

    claim, only if there is no region present (so make sure you claim some zones with wg to act like warzone)
    claim only in the faction's world (you can add more worlds)
    fix the dtr system, if the faction only has 1 player
    fix the /f tag, wasn't workig properly
    change how the "name" tag is updating
    small change on damage
    protected stuff on option @I
    protect @I from left click
    protect any block from right click on a faction land
    fix claim issue
    change how I represent unfactioned players, (on script load and on join) if they don't have a action: set em to wilde
    added /f c (chages between ally chat, global chat and faction chat)
    fix /f kick faction owner was able to kick himself XD
    Faction owner can now use /f leave if the faction is empty
    make factions raidable if the factions dtr is 0 or less (players can destroy the land)
    other stuff that i can't remember right now
    Changelog 0.31b:

    English messages, please correct my english and send it back to me XD
    minor fixes

    Changelog 0.4b:

    chat system optional @C
    translated by CrazzyPanda
    /f mod [gives a player the mod range]
    - MY BAD: Fixed tons of erros becaused I fkd up some indentation!

    Changelog 0.5b:

    Fixed all the stuff that I broke!
    Now I save the player data in FAC::players::%player%
    /F show can now be used like:
    /f show [faction-name]
    /f show [player-name]
    /f show
    If there is a player with the same name of a faction, the command will show the faction info, no the player's faction
    f tag now keeps the ally if there was one
    changed the Tag function
    fixed : player was able to create faction with a name of 3 chars
    f disband now will break the ally if there was one
    fixed the /f kick [player was still able to self kick]
    on owner change, the owner will lose the mod range
    on owner change, notify the whole faction about the event
    changed the dtr system
    dtr freeze on player kick
    dtr penalty on player kick, use the option tu set the amount
    max amount of land per faction
    show max lands on /f show
    Change the prefix with the option @prefix
    now you can use the options:
    #the max amount of dtr a faction may have
    max-dtr: 5.5
    #the minimun amount of dtr
    min-dtr: -5.5
    #how much a player increments the max dtr of a faction
    player-dtr: 0.51
    #max dtr of a faction with 1 player
    solo-faction: 1.01
    #dtr freeze in seconds:
    dtr-freeze: 3600
    #you know..
    kick-penalty: 1.0
    #you know..
    death-dtr: 1.0
    #How much a faction wins per minute and per player
    minute-dtr: 0.01
    #Max amount of land per faction
    faction-land-max: 36
    # How much land a faction gets per member
    land-per-player: 6

    - fixed disband
    - fixed claim around enemy
    - added /f map , the code is pretty bad for the "icons"
    - UUID now rules this skript!
    - On Place check
    - other fixes, can't remember right now lol
    - github repo added: https://github.com/ragama/FactionSK

    Changelog 0.8b:

    improved the code of "f claim"
    removed extra code in "f unclaim"
    improved all the "mod" check
    removed some loops
    removed extra code in function "fshow"
    added permission: skript.factionsk.danger for command /clear-factions
    Bypass damage by enderpearl [fall damage]
    Added rotation for /f map!!
    added options:
    ally-fire: false
    faction-fire: false
    merged the admin commands

    added admin help, just use /f-admin
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  1. GheLy
    Version: 1.5.1
    Cant download! -
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    Version: 1.5.1
    Download doesnt work please fix it. The github was deleted so you cant download it.
  3. Darvin
    Version: 1.5.1
    VERY GOOD! But, i need help. Skript cant understand some of the blocks, can you send me a aliases.sk ???
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    Version: 2015-12-28
    :D! GOD new update please

  5. alexsatellite
    Version: 2015-12-28
    No lo he probado, pero te he mirado el codigo y esta bastante currado. En mi opiniĆ³n a pesar de que skript funciona muy bien no se como se comportaria este plugin en un server con una gran cantidad de jugadores ya que todos los datos en un fichero de variables encriptado no es lo mejor para un plugin de tanta importancia.
    Buen trabajo de todas formas. :)
    1. Mariano
      Author's Response
      Alex, you can always save the variables in a sqlite db. That's why all the variables stats with "x_factions_.", you can make a filter for that variables and save it in another file (csv, sqlite, w/e).
      Thanks for the review!