FactionsTop v5 GUI Module 1.0.2

FactionsTop v5 GUI module to display faction rank in a GUI

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    CustomEnchants, The Retrix Solutions Team.
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    FactionsTop v5 GUI Module

    Hi my name is RetrixSolutions and I have created a gui addon for CustomEnchants' resource FactionsTop.

    This plugin adds the ability to display factionstop ranks in a gui.

    All you have to do is add perform the command /ftopgui or edit the configuration to allow the /ftop command to open the gui instead of display the message in chat.

    FactionsUUID by @drtshock OR SavageFactions by @ProSavage
    FactionsTop 5.0.17+ by @superbrian12

    use_ftop_command: true
    verbose: false
    use_prefix: true
    prefix: '&6&lFTOP-GUI&7:'
    players_only: '&cYou must be a player to perform this command!'
    no_permission: '&cYou don''t have permissions to perform this action!'
    no_factions: '&cThere are no factions to display!'
    calculating_data: '&cFTOP is currently calculating data.'
    reloaded_config: '&aThe configuration file has been reloaded!'
    name: '&aF-Top'
    name: '&6%position%. &a%faction_name%'
    - '&4&l&m<------&e&l%faction_name%&4&l&m------>'
    - '&eLeader: &c%faction_leader%'
    - ''
    - '&eTotal Wealth: &6%faction_value%'
    - '&eBlocks: &6%faction_block_worth%'
    - '&eMoney: &6%faction_balance%'
    - '&eSpawners: &6%faction_spawner_worth%'
    - '&eItems: &6%faction_item_worth%'
    - '&eTotalSpawnerCount: &c%faction_spawner_count%'
    - ''
    - '&eRichest Member : &a%faction_richest_member%'
    - '&eRichest Member Balance : &6%faction_richest_member_balance%'
    - ''
    - '&4&l&m<------&b&lBlocks&4&l&m------>'
    - '&b%faction_blockcount_BEACON:0% &cx &eBeacon'
    - '&b%faction_blockcount_DISPENSER:0% &cx &eDispenser'
    - '&b%faction_blockcount_DROPPER:0% &cx &eDropper'
    - '&b%faction_blockcount_HOPPER:0% &cx &eHopper'
    - ''
    - '&4&l&m<------&b&lItems&4&l&m------>'
    - '&b%faction_itemcount_GOLDEN_APPLE:1% &cx &eGodApple'
    - '&b%faction_itemcount_MONSTER_EGG:50% &cx &eCreeperEgg'
    - ''
    - '&4&l&m<------&b&lSpawners&4&l&m------>'
    - '&b%faction_spawnercount_SilverFish% &cx &eSilverFish'
    - '&b%faction_spawnercount_IronGolem% &cx &eIronGolem'
    - '&b%faction_spawnercount_Creeper% &cx &eCreeper'
    - '&b%faction_spawnercount_Blaze% &cx &eBlaze'
    - '&b%faction_spawnercount_Enderman% &cx &eEnderman'
    - '&b%faction_spawnercount_Skeleton% &cx &eSkeleton'
    - '&b%faction_spawnercount_Zombie% &cx &eZombie'
    name: '&7%position%. &7N/A'
    - '&7There is no faction in this position!'

    %position% - Show the position of the faction
    %faction_name% - Show the name of the faction
    %faction_leader% - Show the leader of the faction
    %faction_value% - Show the total value of the faction
    %faction_block_worth% - Show the total block worth of the faction
    %faction_balance% - Show the total balance of the faction
    %faction_spawner_worth% - Show the total spawner worth
    %faction_item_worth% - Show the total item worth
    %faction_spawner_count% - Show total amount of spawners
    %faction_richest_member% - Show the richest members name
    %faction_richest_member_balance% - Show the balance of the richest member
    %faction_blockcount_(TYPE):(ID)% - Show the amount of certain blocks within claims.
    %faction_itemcount_(TYPE):(ID)% - Show the amount of items within containers within faction claims
    %faction_spawnercount_(MOBNAME)% - Show the amount of spawners with the specifc spawn type within faction claims

    For the type (blockcount and itemcount) Go to blocksv2.yml and itemsv2.yml
    (FactionsTop Configuration)
    For the mob type (MOBNAME) Go to spawnersv2.yml
    (FactionsTop Configuration)


    /FtopGui Reload - Reload configuration
    /FtopGui - open the gui.
    If you set "use_ftop_command" to true in the configuration you can use /ftop to access the gui as well.


    ftopgui.reload - Permission to use /ftopgui reload.
    ftopgui.open - Permission to use /ftopgui​
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