FactionsUUID - Chest Autosell [1.16.2] [FREE] 2020-09-19

Allows factions to quickly sell their grinder/farming items.

  1. lepel100
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Chest AutoSell FactionsUUID 1.16.2
    Your players don't like emptying their chests into their inventory and having to sell those items one by one. That's why I created ChestSell. This plugin works together with FactionsUUID and Vault to help your players sell their items quickly.
    How does it work?
    Once an Autosell Chest has been created inside faction territory, all the items
    that are being added from that moment on, will automatically be sold and the profits will
    be transfered to the faction balance.
    • Price file updates on-demand. Meaning you can add new items to it as you go.
    • Players assign autosell chests within their faction territory and items within are automatically sold.
    • Any profits go to the faction balance. (/f money b)
    • FactionsUUID (ECO ON)
    • Vault
    Command: /autosell
    Permission: autosell.use
    Point to a chest within faction territory and type /autosell

Recent Reviews

  1. AbyssOfTime
    Version: 2020-09-19
    Very Very goodjob. I haven't been playing long but can clearly see a well made plugin when i come across one. Most plugins seem half made but this one works very well and is very useful. Fantastic!
  2. SpankULater
    Version: 2020-09-19
    Awesome Plugin. Been playing factions for 8 years and this makes it very easy to autosell. Especially if you have a lot of mob drops you want to sell. Would 100% recommend for anyone starting a factions server.
  3. ThatPlayer94
    Version: 2020-09-19
    Fantastic plugin! I've been playing factions for years and have never seen this made the way this one is. Extremely simple to setup and use. I would recommend it to everyone who is building or working on a faction server you cant do without it.
  4. Shayley
    Version: 2020-09-19
    Very good plugin! It's very useful when you use it wih FactionsUUID! Developer is very nice and also very supportive.