FactionWar 2.0

Let players know who your faction is at war against!

  1. Furied
    FactionWar is a simple and light weight plugin if factions are beyond enemys and you wanna add a twist to it you can do the command /F War {Faction}
    Then it announces {Player} has declared war on {Faction} it says the name of the player who declared war so everyone knows who did it. The command /F war will come up as a factions unknown command if you don't put the name of a faction after war due to this not being a faction add-on that builds into factions.

    Thanks for 30 downloads!

    Note: I asked if I could post this I have permmision


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  1. SuperSniper
    Version: 1.2
    Good, yet very simple plugin :)
    1. Furied
      Author's Response
      Thanks glad you enjoy