FairPlayMinecraft - Windows 6.0.0 BETA 2

The application part for Windows of the client side anticheat system

  1. 5.4.6

    • fixed - a bug when getting the local IP
  2. 5.4.5

    • fixed - a bug in Forge and LiteLoader scanner
  3. 5.4.4

    • changed Vietnamese translation messages
    • fixed - checking Forge mods wasn't working sometimes when the game directory has been changed in the launcher
    • fixed - crashed for some users when joining 1.7 server
  4. 5.4.3

    • fixed - for some users in some occasions it said that the player is not online even if he was
  5. 5.4.2

    • fixed - wrong message was showed sometimes when you started the app without being connected to a server
  6. 5.4.1

    • fixed - didn't work currectly when you joined your localhost server via private IP (for example 192.168.x.x)
    • fixed - bypass when joining using Forge
    • performance improvements
    • language is determined by the IP address (instead of system language)
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  7. 5.4.0

    • added - when the application updates itself, it deletes the old version file
    • fixed - the application didn't close when it ran the latest downloaded version when updating
    • fixed - when you joined a server which doesn't have Forge support enabled, the application said that some Forge filters you have are not allowed on this server instead of that Forge is not allowed on that server
    • added - Bulgarian translation (by @DoNotSpamPls)
    • added - Russian...
  8. 5.3.5

    • fixed - for some versions it wasn't sending the correct data which are needed to be able to see using which version player joined the server (/fpmc p command)
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  9. 5.3.4

    • fixed - the application was crashing for some users
  10. 5.3.3

    • fixed - wasn't working properly sometimes when using custom versions filter