FairTrade [1.12 - 1.16.1] 3.2

A secure & customizable way to trade items, support Vault, xp Trading, totally customizable layout

  1. 3.2

    Update to 1.16. The version change to differs the two version, but the only change is the api-version in plugin.yml and mark the stop of 1.15 support. The 3.1 version is the last version to support 1.15. But even if, apparently, the older version are usable with no change in 1.16, this is probably not stable.

    Add the possibility to ignore others people in another new plugin.
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  2. Stable release for 3.x

    Stable release for version 3.x.

    - Fix a minimal bug (could even be fixed by editing permissions), that prevent players to trade due to wrong permissions. [config file change]
    - Better default layout (more accurate example but mostly more real-life useful layout) [config file change]
    - Add a permission for self-trading, useless but uselful to test, debug and preview the layout.
    - Support now drop click event on the GUI
    - More messages translatables
    - Set some of the messages for more...
  3. 3.0 [Beta]

    Code rewrite, that's why this version is in Beta, but the tests look like stables. (precautionary principe).
    Not yet 1.16 update, let's do incremental updates to support a maximum of server versions.
    The Beta is here to help to discover new bugs faster, so it's normal is there is some bugs but it shouldn't be a lot (maybe any).
  4. Bugfix & Otimization

    - Remove PlayerDropItem event to listen. (It was for testing serialization of items)
    It can also make better performance
    - Backward compatiblity to 1.13.
    The code is compatible, only one importe class has moved in another package (but the used methods are the same) and is also available in 1.13.
  5. Update to 1.14

    - Typography in french translation
    - The name of some items in the GUI are now empty
    - Fix major bug (players could achieve to deposit items in the remote slots).
    - Updated to API version 1.14 (tested with 1.14.4)
  6. Players now should be able to trade money

    Players now should be able to trade money
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  7. 2.1b

    - Set max distance
    - Money in log
    - Vault depend optional
    - Trade permissions
    - Add french translation
  8. 2.1

    Update Plugin to 1.13.1
  9. 2.0 (for Minecraft version 1.13)

    • Big part of the code rewritten
    • Support for Vault
    • MAY contain bugs, you can post a message if you discover one.
      • This version is not fully finished, but I prefer to post a new version now instead of waiting.
  10. PREFIX is modifiable

    - Prefix is modifiable
    - API version 1.13.1