FairTrade 2.4.1

A secure & customizable way to trade items, support Vault (1.12, 1.13, 1.14)

  1. Rafoudiablol
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    [en], [fr] & translatable



    Code (Text):

    Minecraft Version                  Latest compatible FairTrade version
    1.14.4                             2.4.1
    1.13.2                             2.4.1
    1.13.1                             2.2
    1.13                               2.2
    1.12                               1.1
    • Remove a listened event (It was for testing serialization of items)
      • It can also make performance better, esecially when players drop items.
    • Backward compatiblity to 1.13: the 1.14 server apparently accepts 1.13 plugins and the plugin does not uses the incorporated features into the 1.14.

    • Typography in french translation
    • The name of some items in the GUI are now empty
    • Fix major bug (players could achieve to deposit items in the remote slots).
    • Updated to API version 1.14 (tested with 1.14.4)
    • Bugfix: Player now should be able to trade money
    Actually version 2.3 is version 2.2, because version 2.2 was named 2.1b

    • API version 1.13.1
    • Better database scheme
    • API version 1.13
    • Vault support, also trade with money is now allowed (tested with TNE). Backup & erase your trading.txt to get the update.
    • Chat clickable after getting a trade request to accept
    • When players change their offer, now the confirmation is reseted.
    • The GUI are automatically closed

    • API version 1.13.1 only
    • PREFIX message editable
    • API version 1.13 (1.12 still supported)
    • Self-trade disabled by default
    • Items in "log" container are now not selectable​


    FairTrade allows you to trade items between players and be sure it is fair, like in most MMO (like dofus, diablo or world of warcraft) with a customizable GUI.

    Functionalities & Qualities

    It exists lot of plugins, that will do that... But this one is in 1.13!
    • Secure trade
    • Easely customizable interface + customizable messages
    • Each transaction is registered into a SQLite database
    • Maximum distance configurable




    • /trade <player> or /req <player>
    • /accept or /acc (or left click on notification)
    • /tradelog <ID>
    • /trademax <Max Trade Distance (number)>



    (old version, similar)
    • Left slots are what you give
    • Right slots are what you receive (unmodifiables)
    • Wool each side are for player confirm status.
    • Book is confirm / cancel button.
    • Warning : shift click, double click, or long click are unusable for security.

    Bug Report

    Please tell in comment if you discover a new bug.

    Basic Configuration

    Code (YAML):
    # max distance for trading
    : 10.0

    # All messages are located in "lang/lang_**.yml" (ie. "lang/lang_en.yml")
    : en

    # Self trading for Testing purpose
    : false

    All messages are modifiables (except errors).
    You can save a custom set of messages (ie. localization) into a .yml file into the lang/ folder.

    More Configuration

    To customize the interface, modify file trading.txt
    It's a representation of the ingame-GUI.
    The items itselves cannot be set for now, but you can set the layout of the menu.

    Code (Text):
    #each number is a slot

    # only one (3)
    # nb of (1) = nb of (2)


    Useful links

    Easy SQLite Browser

    If you have suggestions, new features, etc just ask in comments! Thanks for comment or review!


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Recent Reviews

  1. galacticwarrior
    Version: 2.3
    Excellent plugin with a clean GUI and customisable messages. A 1.14 update would be nice.
  2. El_pika
    Version: 2.2
    Man there is an issue with the plugin ! The money feature does not work.
    It would really change my life if you could make it work !
    1. Rafoudiablol
      Author's Response
      Hey, thanks for feedback.
      I just posted an update, it should work now :)
  3. SpringBonnie
    Version: 1.1b
    Very good plugin for MMORPG servers.
    Can u add support to trade with money (vault) and level (exp)?)
    1. Rafoudiablol
      Author's Response
      Money is in project, but there is a lot of different plugins, currently working about it.
      I will see for XP :)
  4. kassad
    Version: 1.1b
    5+++++++++++++++++ Good job!
    1. Rafoudiablol
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)
  5. Benjamin83
    Version: 1.0b
    Amazing! Works perfectly. I didn't face any bugs yet and my players really appreciate it. Thank you, keep updating it
    1. Rafoudiablol
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the review, really appreciated!
  6. ItzWinterGames
    Version: 1.0
    When i do /tradelog <ID num>
    i can get the barrier item
    please fix it
    But Great plugin
    1. Rafoudiablol
      Author's Response
      Yes, i admitt that only ops would do this command.
      But it's not a big deal, I will fix it, no worries!
      However, thank you very much for the review! =)
      Why only 1 star, because of /tradelog ?