FairyWars 1.1

This Plugin Is Add Some Fun Feautures For Faction Server

  1. Peace2016
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    This Plugin Add Some Fun Feautures To Let Faction Server Player To Having More Fun When Playing The Server.[​IMG]
    • Changeable Prefix
    • PasswordProtect Admin Command To Prevent People hack Staff Account,And Abuse It.
    • Unbreaking Weapons,Armor,Tools With Having Power
    • Get Effect When At Own Territory Or Enemy Territory
    • Can Get More Health
    • KillEntity To Get Point
    • Can Use Bucket To Let Obsidian Become LavaBucket
    • Can Use Bucket To Let ice Become WaterBucket
    • Dustbin System To Let Player Throw Unwanted Item
    • FactionAllyLeaderChat To Let Faction Leader Can Communicate To Ally Leader Secretly
    • Can Check The Block ID
    How To Install:
    1. Download FairyWars.jar
    2. Put The FairyWars.jar At Plugin Folder
    3. If You Using Plugman You Can Do /plugman load fairywars To Load It Or You Can Reload Or Restart Server To Load The Plugin.
    4. Do /fairywars help To Get The Commands List.
    How To Use:
    • If You Don Want To Use FairyWars Prefix You Can Go To config.yml Change The prefix.
    # Main Part #
    Prefix: '&6[&bFairyWars&6]'
    AllyChat: '&6[&bAllyChat&6]'
    ShopName: '&6[&bFairyShop&6]'
    # Admin Part #
    PasswordProtect: 'true'
    Password: 12345
    # Shop Part #
    ArmorProtectionScrollPrice: 5000
    ToolsProtectionScrollPrice: 5000
    WeaponProtectionScrollPrice: 5000
    CheckingStickPrice: 5000
    # LevelUp Part #
    # [FairyPower Need] #
    Level1: 500
    Level2: 1000
    Level3: 1500
    # Health Part #
    Level0Health: 20
    Level1Health: 25
    Level2Health: 30
    Level3Health: 35
    # Gain Power Part #
    KillMonstersPoint: 3
    KillAnimalsPoint: 1
    KillPlayerPoint: 5
    # Potion Effect Part #
    - 'InTerritoryEffect'
    - 'InEnemyTerritoryEffect'
    - 'SPEED'
    - 'Wither'
    - 'SPEED'
    - 'Wither'
    ConsoleError: '&cYou must be a player to use this command!'
    PluginError: '&cInternal Service Error,Please Contact Your Adminstrator'
    FairyWarsCommand: '&dDo /fw help For get commands'
    WrongPassword: '&cSorry,&dYou Wrong Password'
    NoEnoughMoney: '&cSorry,&dYou No Enough Money'
    NoPermission: '&cSorry,&dYou No Have Permission'
    ItemNoPermission: '&cSorry,&dYou No Have Permission To Use This Item'
    PluginReload: '&6Succesful,&dReloaded All The Config'
    PlayerNoFound: '&cSorry,&dPlayer No Found'
    BoughtArmorProtectionScroll: '&dYou Had Succesful Buy &eArmor Protection Scroll'
    BoughtToolsProtectionScroll: '&dYou Had Succesful Buy &eTools Protection Scroll'
    BoughtWeaponProtectionScroll: '&dYou Had Succesful Buy &eWeapon Protection Scroll'
    BoughtCheckingStick: '&dYou Had Succesful Buy &eChecking Stick'
    RankUpMaxLevel: '&cSorry,&dYou Already Max Level'
    Rankup: '&dCongratulation,&dYou LevelUp'
    FailRankUp: '&cSorry,&dYou No Have Enough &aPoint &dPoint To LevelUp'
    HavingPowerStone: '&cSorry,&dYou Inventory Already Having &ePowerStone'
    DustbinOpen: '&dDustbin Succesful Opened'
    ItemUndroppable: '&dThis Item Cannot Be Drop'
    ArmorProtectionPowerOver: '&dYour Armor Protection Power Is Over'
    ToolsProtectionPowerOver: '&dYour Tools Protection Power Is Over'
    WeaponProtectionPowerOver: '&dYour Weapon Protection Power Is Over'
    NotFactionLeader: '&cSorry,&dYou Not Faction Leader,So Unable To Use It.'
    SuccessBecomeLava: '&dObsidian Succesful Become Lava'
    SuccessBecomeWater: '&dObsidian Succesful Become Lava'
    ShopGuiOpen: '&dShopGui Successful Opened'
    AdminAccess: '&dYou Nid Enable Admin Access First With /fw admin'
    AdminEnable: '&dAdmin Mode Is Enabled'
    AdminDisable: '&dAdmin Mode Is Disabled'
    • ArmorScroll
      • RightClick To Increase Armor Protection Level,When Having Protection Level Armor Become Unbreakable
    • WeaponScroll
      • RightClick To Increase Weapon Protection Level,When Having Protection Level Weapon Become Unbreakable
    • ToolsScroll
      • RightClick To Increase Tools Protection Level,When Having Protection Level Tools Become Unbreakable
    • PowerStone
      • You Nid Taking PowerStone You Will Just Having Effect Of At Own Territory.
    • CheckingStick
      • When Taking The Stick And Left Click/Right Click Block It Will Show Out The Id.
    • /fairywars
      • Description: Information Of Plugins
      • Aliases: [fw,wars]
      • Usage: /fairywars
    • /fairywars help
      • Description: List Out All FairyWars Commands
      • Usage: /fairywars help <1/2>
    • /fairywars reload
      • Description: Reload Config,Messages File
      • Permissions: fairywars.reload
    • /fairywars version
      • Description: Get Plugin Version
    • /fairywars info
      • Description: Get Plugin Information
    • /fairywars get
      • Description: Get The PowerStone
    • /fairywars admin
      • Description: Enable The Admin Mode,Some Admin Command Required Admin Mode Enable.
      • Permissions: fairywars.admin
      • Usage: /fairywars admin (password)
    • /fairywars rankup
      • Description: Level Up The FairyWars Rank
      • Permissions: fairywars.rankup
    • /fairywars shop
      • Description: Open The FairyWars Shop Gui
      • Permissions: fairywars.shop
    • /fairywars status
      • Description: Get Your FairyWars Stats
      • Permissions: fairywars.status
    • /fairywars killstats
      • Description: Get Your KillStats
      • Permissions: fairywars.killstats
    • /fairywars addpoint
      • Description: Add The Player FairyWarPoint
      • Permissions: fairywars.power.add
      • Usage: /fairywars addpoint [PlayerName] [Point]
    • /fairywars removepoint
      • Description: Remove The Player FairyWarPoint
      • Permissions: fairywars.power.remove
      • Usage: /fairywars removepoint [PlayerName] [Point]
    • /fairywars setpoint
      • Description: Set The Player FairyWarPoint
      • Permissions: fairywars.power.set
      • Usage: /fairywars setpoint [PlayerName] [Point]
    • /fairywars buy
      • Description: Buy The FairyWars Item
      • Permissions: fairywars.buy
    • /dustbin
      • Description: Open The Dustbin Gui To Throw Item
      • Permissions: fairywars.dustbin
      • Aliases: [Disposal,RubbishBin]
    • /allyleaderchat
      • Description: Chat With Ally Faction Leader
      • Aliases: [alc,LeaderChat,allychat]
    • MorePermissions [1]
      • Description: To Enable Use Bucket To Change Ice To WaterBucket.
      • Permissions: fairywars.waterbucket
    • MorePermissions[2]
      • Description: To Enable Use Bucket To Change Obsidian To LavaBucket.
      • Permissions: fairywars.lavabucket
    • MorePermissions[3]
      • Description: To Disable Plugin Join Message
      • Permissions: fairywars.ignorejoinmessage
    • MorePermissions[4]
      • Description: To Use ArmorScroll Item
      • Permissions: fairywars.item.armorscroll
    • MorePermissions[5]
      • Description: To Use WeaponScroll Item
      • Permissions: fairywars.item.weaponscroll
    • MorePermissions[6]
      • Description: To Use ToolsScroll Item
      • Permissions: fairywars.item.toolsscroll
    • MorePermissions[7]
      • Description: Get Effect When At Own Faction Territory
      • Permissions: fairywars.effect.own
    • MorePermissions[8]
      • Description: Get Effect When At Enemy Faction Territory
      • Permissions: fairywars.effect.enemy
    • MorePermissions[9]
      • Description: Get MoreHealth When Having This Permissions And Eneough FairyWarsLevel
      • Permissions: fairywars.health
    • MorePermissions[10]
      • Description: To Use CheckStick Item
      • Permissions: fairywars.item.checkstick
    If Have Any Problem You Can Send Mail To [email protected]
    I Will Reply The Mail As Fast As I Can.

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