Faithful - Bootstrap Landing Page 1.0

A free, minimalistic and clean HTML5 website template.

  1. TheySeeMeRolling
    Welcome to Faithful a beautiful yet simple website made for Minecraft server owners. Faithful is a lite website that can be customized in many ways. Why not give it a try today?

    The Website contains multiple sections on a "One page" based structure. I have tried to keep things small and simple so it shouldn't use too much Diskspace on web hosting.

    - Fully customizable
    - Coded in a peaceful HTML source
    - One page (Makes it easier to load for bad internet folks)
    - Simple structure to edit
    - Free support to any one who Downloads and uses the Template
    - Supported with HTML5 and Bootstrap 3.0
    - Free to use!
    - Editable with out knowledge of coding!

    How to Use:
    - Simply upload to a Web host or Shared Host
    - Extract the Zip File
    - Edit the "Index.html"
    - Save and apply the changes to the code and your done!


    Any ideas and support is really appreciated. Please note that my name is on the footer of the website. You may remove this it would mean a lot if you keep it for credit but you remove the credit tag its completely fine
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Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.0
    It looks very nice if you want i can sponsor for you an DEMO PAGE

    like: "

    @ Alexander Divos
  2. JustMaffie
    Version: 1.0
    This is really really cool, I checked it out, looks amazing, if you can you could add maybe like login system and that stuff. AMAZING.